Fine Toning Arm Routine | Tone It Up Tuesdays

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

48 thoughts on “Fine Toning Arm Routine | Tone It Up Tuesdays”

  1. What´╗┐ a load of gimmicky garbage. ‘Fine toning’? ‘ ‘Cinching’? Give me a break.´╗┐

  2. Yes. Just make sure you have a´╗┐ good posture and keep those abs tight the whole time!! Skip exercises if it hurts your hip or modify them to a position where your hip doesnt hurt.

  3. Cheryl Jordan

    I was doing this for a while and was getting awesome results; then I had hip surgery. Will I continue to´╗┐ get the same results if I do your exercises while sitting???

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  5. Sandy Kalalau

    I started this routine´╗┐ last week and will continue it through May! I do it 3 days a week. I will let you know my results !I am so excited !! Thanks ladies !

  6. WeightLossLady

    I love your workouts. I really need to see the exercises done (as you do) rather´╗┐ than reading the description. And these are short and sweet.

  7. These ladies seems like they really have no idea what they’re talking about lol I can’t´╗┐ even… :))

  8. wow I just´╗┐ tried this for the first time and can only do two sets! with 8lb weights..

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  11. David Petrov

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  12. Those small dumbbells are ridiculous. If you’re really serious about weight lifting,´╗┐ lift heavy!

  13. Ranjith Kumara

    Crazy clip. Fabulous vid.

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  14. Sherly Augustine

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  15. Her bod is´╗┐ absolutely phanom. I have total boob envy. When I got fit, they were the first to go ­čÖü . She looks so femme without being too built. Gah, good on ya!! xx

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  17. Charith Weerasekara

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  19. dackjanielsmeup

    I’m really not used to arm exercises´╗┐ like this, so do I need to do any stretches afterwards?

  20. Liliana Davis

    I like how you smile through the whole thing. Makes me smile too´╗┐ ­čśë Rock ON!!!

  21. Aleksandar Mirchev

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  23. Muhammad Rasid

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  24. Gautam Bhattarai

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  25. Holley Doering

    It doesn’t happen in a week for starters. Then if you’re not feeling it increase the weight. And you can do it more than once at a time.´╗┐ But don’t get discouraged! It will happen but it takes longer than you think to build muscle. Good Luck!!

  26. MarieKings209

    makes my arm feel great. but can only do so much for health issues. ´╗┐

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  28. Courtney Sheets

    Use to struggle doing this workout with 2 lb. weights and now I do it with ease with 5 lb. weights! ­čÖé love this arm routine!´╗┐

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  30. Kristina Gulab

    decide how much change you would like to see in your arms and then use that to determine how many repeats you feel´╗┐ necessary to meet your goals (:

  31. mizzshyganstagrrl177

    I did this workout 3x for this week’s tone it up workout schedule for today. My arms feel´╗┐ little toned up.

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