Ferocious Female Fitness

Ferocious Female Fitness

Introducing the Lovely Alexia aka Ms.Finesse. She makes everything look so so so smooth. A new addition to our ever growing family. She is a representative of Barstarzz Miami. More at www.facebook.com www.barstarzz.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Ferocious Female Fitness”

  1. Юра Мазоха

    Не хотел бы такую тёлку – грудь маленькая + она бы меня пиздила.

  2. TheJillBioskop

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  3. Matthew Schwartz

    I cringed when she did the abdominal balance.

    I would have faceplanted so hard into the asphalt. >_<

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