Fat Burners

Fat Burners

Do they work? Check out http://www.scotthermanfitness.com/ for more information and detailed exercises! Join the most supportive and fastest growing communit…
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Check out http://www.scotthermanfitness.com/ for more information and detailed exercises! Join the most supportive and fastest growing community on facebook!…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “Fat Burners”

  1. BringAsongOnAbanjo

    *Couldnt agree with you **+mila2322** ! I am on my 4week and my butt look*
    *like from Victoria Secret model. lol . Well almost but its only*
    *been a month! Its so easy to fit in my schedule & I am addicted*
    *to it. My niece cant believe her eyes & shes ordering now.:)*

  2. if you wanna see a better example of what Scott is trying to explain you
    should watch furious pete’s video. it works better on him cos he isnt as
    cut as scott

  3. @NoPainNoGame9 lookin to build up your koi kid do 300 crunches and twists
    now move it faggot lol thats how

  4. can you send me a message whith a list of what you are doing there??? I’m
    from germany and i cant understand it

  5. Best supplement for fat loss: Pasture-fed ground beef. 1. Provides
    excellent satiety (consuming fewer calories) 2. Has a wonderful
    omega-3:omega-6 ratio (important for weight loss) 3. CLA (conjugated
    linoleic acid), which helps in fat loss and muscle gain 4. Protein to help
    increase your lean body mass, which helps in fat loss 5. Doesn’t spike your
    insulin (and #1 causes you to consume fewer things that do), so your body
    has ACCESS to the body fat.

  6. @laflagar my BMI was in the overweight category. I’m 180cm tall and I was
    90kg, i’ve now dropped that down to 70kg

  7. I just took super hd pill. 1 pill I took. I’m 19 I just wanna lose 8
    pounds. I’m. 1.08. So like idk what should I do I hate workin out I been
    doin it since I was 15. U think if I take pill a lot. I might lose a few
    ponds ? Idk Tex me back idk. K thanks !”

  8. Everytime I try a fat burner, I feel like crap while I’m on them, and, the
    effects seem so placebo. I especially hate the ones that make you have a
    huge “crash”, such a scary side effect. I’ve lost 140lbs in less than 2 yrs
    w/o any fat burners or supplements, and have kept the weight off for 15 yrs
    now! You look great, Scott..keep it going!

  9. Hiya, have you discovered Lean Body Blaster? (search for it on google) You
    will find out about the crimes we commit against ourselves. With Lean Body
    Blaster, you will discover how to burn calories quickly.

  10. i use efedrin here in the uk and l love it. its great if im doing cardio
    first thing in the morning. shame you guys in the US cant get it

  11. hey scott. my sister wants to loose fats but i think she doesnt know that
    sugar is the main source of it and i keep telling her “hey thats bad for
    your workout” but she just ignores me and keeps eating. she does cardio for
    like 3 hours and she still looks the same IMO and my question is how do i
    motivate her to stop eating sugar and salty foods(TBH she skips eating the
    breakfast like egg and bread or dinner just so she can eat the sugary,
    cookies, cupcakes).

  12. Photar from the Southern Continent

    Thanks for this. WOuld you believe that my gym does not have barbells!!!
    Can it even be called a gym then?

    Any of you guys have tips for getting started from scratch? Im 6’4″ and 78
    kg and really want to bulk up for confidence but like most humans want it
    all now and am having a real bad time picturing any achievement actually
    occurring. Nyeargh! I hate feeling like this!

  13. thats it? Itl train me from my fingers to my toes with just a few of those
    daily for a few weeks? Scott?

  14. just me or at the beginning i thought he said, “whats up asian” instead of,
    “whats up nation?”

  15. I wasn’t sure of the real difference until I saw a squat video. Correct me
    if I’m wrong: during the squat the knees don’t go past the toes much – a
    little like you’re trying to sit down on a chair behind you. The weight
    should be balanced on the heel, so that the muslces in the top of the thigh
    have to do the workout. Whereas during the dumbell deadlift, it’s seems to
    me it’s more like you should do a “chinese peasant squat” (sorry I tried to
    get google to give me the same images using less offensive terms :S ) with
    the weight evenly distributed on your foot and then power up. Do these
    analogies work?

  16. Okay cheers mate. Soo this should correct my posture as it isnt best.
    Always wake up with heavy feeling in upper back it sucks.


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