Extreme PowerLifting Motivation “Welcome to The Grind” 2014

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

40 thoughts on “Extreme PowerLifting Motivation “Welcome to The Grind” 2014”

  1. Hulk Motivation HQ

    Extreme Powerlifting Motivation the Grind
    Extreme PowerLifting Motivation “Welcome to The Grind”

  2. FitnessWarrioR Training

    Who’s voice is that?

    This is something I live by everyday. ‘A Lion. A Grind’


  3. found the song its called lights out by the franchize, album is called six
    vs six billion but good luck finding it on youtube, 

  4. HypertrophySTRONG

    dumbass? i realised after i posted the comment, stfu you fucking youtube
    warrior. got alot to say over the internet hahahahahhahaahahaha what a

  5. Matt! I know that in meets you can not go down in weight after an attempt
    I’m really impressed in your bench that you were able to put it up after
    failure on the first one. great job man!

  6. WOW!! this is straight GANGSTER!!!! Seriously pumped up now. I wanna go hit
    some PR’s now dammit

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