Extreme Home Core Workout : 5 Ab Exercises Every Man Must Do!

Extreme Home Core Workout : 5 Ab Exercises Every Man Must Do!

www.sixpackfactory.com and Peter Carvell brings you this Extreme Core Workout that will help you build a bullet proof core workout at home fast! In this workout video we show you one of the most powerful core workouts we have ever done. Using some cutting edge functional exercises this workout will help you build a bullet proof core fast. What I love about this workout is that exercises are really a lot of fun but also extremely powerful so make sure you watch the video above so that you do them correctly without causing injury. So if you want to build a bullet proof core then start doing this full body function core workout at least 3 to 4 times per week! Ask any questions about this workout at http Need a Interval Timer for this workout? Get one free here: www.sixpackfactory.com

24 thoughts on “Extreme Home Core Workout : 5 Ab Exercises Every Man Must Do!”

  1. should this workout be done on a separate day from resistance training days or what?

  2. Peter I have a question I’m new to your site and I don’t know where to start from, I like to work my lower body 2 days a week and my upper body 2 days a week to in differents day + abs twice a week so how can I do i? Should I just follow your exercises or do I pick the workouts I like from your site?

  3. @dwvaame yep i agree. You are smart if you understand you need to eat right at your age to kill your belly. Listen to this I heard that most of the celebrities used to follow to kill their belly using this 7 food items. you can see it here >>> bit.ly/PRSYeH?=axsafl

  4. moricestreet909

    lol, who do you think this workout is for? 12 yr olds? Go try it and you will soon find out, like most of our other workouts, they are designs for ANYONE who wants to get ripped and get int shape.

  5. So basically if you break dance and have crazy good sex then you’re good? That’s what I got from it lol

  6. moricestreet909

    I will soon, we have a WHOLE set of exercises and videos coming up for suspension training.

  7. This is awesome!! great movements and easy to keep form. Anyone can do this at home, size and equipment aside.

  8. I’m off to the gym in an hour, can’t wait to give some of these exercises a go!! 🙂

  9. hey you show really good exercises, but can i do them with 15 years without stopping my natural body growth?

  10. hi peter, this might be a dumb question but what would be the best late night snack? I know nothing would be best, but sometimes i just feel really hungry like 11pm at night. any suggestions

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