Extreme Cardio Abs Fat Blast Workout | Level 3- BeFit in 30 Extreme

Extreme Cardio Abs Fat Blast Workout | Level 3- BeFit in 30 Extreme

Extreme Cardio Abs Fat Blast Workout | Level 3 from BeFit in 30 Extreme is a fierce, fat-burning, abdominal workout that combines plyometric, cardio, and strength-building exercises to sculpt…
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Cardio Barre: Lower Body Shred Workout is an intense 14 minute power workout that is designed to shape the lower half by targeting all of the muscles of the hips, thighs, legs, buns, and abdominals…

49 thoughts on “Extreme Cardio Abs Fat Blast Workout | Level 3- BeFit in 30 Extreme”

  1. @Katorela I was running regularly and working out sometimes, but I was
    still getting fatter… Everything changed when I started your truth about
    abs program…

  2. only 20 mins and the sweat is dripping. Takes alot to make me sweat so hard
    but made it through

  3. do I need to use dbells for the squats I don’t have any Or can I still do
    it and get good results please help.

  4. Vanessa Weixlbraun

    This is intense but I feel so good now and enjoy with proud the sweat!
    Thank you for this!

  5. sylwia szkudlarek

    This is great workout. I only started exercising with you guys and see
    results already!!! Great motivation to keep on track :))))

  6. Nutrióloga Ana Amavizca M.

    Extreme Cardio Abs Fat Blast Workout | Level 3- BeFit in 30 Extreme

  7. Love your workout system. You should definitely keep on making more videos
    like this one !!! <3

  8. These exercises are great and I would like to give this channel a
    try….but they’re going way too fast in many of their videos….
    1) I’ll admit, I’m slow when it comes to learning new exercise
    2) Going too fast means you’re using momentum which means less muscles are
    3) Going too fast could mean you loose proper form which could increase the
    risk of injury
    People can workout with them and go their speed, but it wouldn’t hurt
    to maybe pause and go slower on your own. That’s what I do when trainers go
    too fast. 

  9. I advise everyone who is not a super athlete to take it waaay slower. This
    is far too fast and especially during the exercises that put strain on the
    lower back! And there is not even a hint from that crazy lady doing the
    exercises! The exercises are great but definitely not shown in this way, A
    little break here and there might be great, too cuz you are training the
    same muscle groups all the time. So please be careful everyone who’s doing
    this and is NOT a professional. 

  10. The best lower body workout I’ve found for me personally. I do it after
    other exercises.

    Fast so getting the cardio fat burning zone while targeting problem areas,

  11. Great workout but she goes to fast for me as soon as she started it was at
    a fast pace and I didn’t like it 

  12. Dayyum my butt! It’s that good kind of pain.
    Just finished it and I am not sure if I can get up from my bed tomorrow
    morning. :P

  13. Wuuuuujaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! This is really funnyy:) But at the same time its
    burrnnnns !!! 

  14. At first the pace had me questioning why I was even going to attempt this
    workout, but I stuck with it, and it was so worth it. Because it was so
    fast-paced, I was actually able to work through the burn, and it became
    tolerable. Great workout! I’ll be back. 

  15. Squats and Deadlifts for a great ass. This stuff really doesn’t break down
    muscle fibers enough to change the muscle tone.

  16. Merrynibby Merrynibby

    Thanks to reply me back x I wana do walk on trade mil can u tell me how
    long should I do work on trade mil n how?

  17. this is awesome Im proud to say I am a male 180lb and finished all this
    great workout … Thank you so much 

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