EXPLOSIVE Leg Workout! – Six Pack Shortcuts

EXPLOSIVE Leg Workout! - Six Pack Shortcuts

1 strange trick to build muscle: Hey guys, in this video Im gonna show you a killer lower body workout to build muscle. This. This is a complete intermediate…

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25 thoughts on “EXPLOSIVE Leg Workout! – Six Pack Shortcuts”

  1. sometimes i have a hard time deciding whether to workout at home with
    beachbody or at the gym using this program what i like to know can either
    programs can give the same result?, i know it depends on willpower and
    commitment but i would like at least be guided to the right way of working
    out and gaining muscle without complication 

  2. Marvellousdeath115

    So I can’t do it at home? I don’t like going to the gym much… I wished to
    get this cuz I thought I can just stay at home and do it :[….

  3. Elias Pirayesh

    Thanks David. I had been looking for a good review on SixPackShortCuts for
    a while. 

  4. Mike Chang is a cool dude. By watching his videos I have totally realigned
    my work out perspective. I’ve learned that belly fat is burned through
    compund exercises like squats and deadlifts much faster than from sit-ups

    Mike also helped me get out of the cardio trap of running for one hour
    everyday by showing me his plyometric exercises. Am I gonna buy the sixpack
    program? No because I’m broke lol! But Mike is a cool dude. :)

  5. Its true. I bought the program mainly because they cook on there. I can’t
    cook but i just copied what they did and it was easy, saves you money and
    is healthy.

  6. Hey Veras, this may be a dumb question for the already healthy people but,
    here goes. I have quite a bit of belly fat that I want to start losing. I
    once heard a rumor that if one does workouts, such as, crunches, sit-ups,
    planks,etc., there’s a chance that I may not lose my belly but, just harden
    it (which is not what I’m aiming for). What is your take on this? Or anyone
    for that matter. Any feedback will be appreciated and stay blessed.

  7. Yes! This program will work for you. Mike Chang promises he will help you
    achieve a six pack that you can start seeing to shape around 15%. You still
    got 10% to go!

  8. SixPackShortcutsFollower

    Hi, I have the program, im in second Phase and I do it at home. the problem
    is that i never have been in a GYM, and i think i may doing some exercises
    wrong… great review

  9. My classmates laughed when I told them I would burn off fat with Cosmos Fat
    Loss, but then they saw the results. Google Cosmos Fat Loss to see their
    reaction. (You should see their faces!)

  10. If you really want to get some muscle and be stronger, i suggest you Google
    the term “SSM Muscle Method”. You are certainly get the appearance you

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    there you will see a valuable free video by a recognized licensed
    nutritionist revealing how to eliminate body fat. This made it easier for
    Lisa to reduce her belly fat. Just give it a try. I hope it works for you

  12. The price.. the price… the price… I don’t get it. Scooby will tell you
    how to do it for FREE!

  13. people are always wanting to know how to lose fat, so they buy a $20 book
    that is full of BS. when all they have to do is get off there ass, eat
    healthy and work out. That is wut I love about the sixbackshortcuts
    program, mke tells u to get off ur ass, eat healthy and workout. that is
    how u put on muscle 🙂

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