Exercises to Slim the Legs, but Not Build Muscle : LIVESTRONG – Fitness with Amber Nimedez

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25 thoughts on “Exercises to Slim the Legs, but Not Build Muscle : LIVESTRONG – Fitness with Amber Nimedez”

  1. Mitchell Williams

    worst fitness video on youtube hands down/10. want skinnier legs without
    muscle? lower your calories. and stay in bed all day

  2. If you do the squats like she does you are going to have serious knee
    problems if you do them a LOT. Try going more on your heels to put less
    stress on your knees and really help with muscle build-up

  3. In order to have nice legs you need a good muscular base. If you want small
    legs without building muscle you should try going on a starvation diet.

  4. I’ve legs like that and I consider them to big (not fat) but yeah. Stupid
    fashion industry :/

  5. The fact that this is on the Livestrong channel saddens me deeply.
    “EXERCISE to slim the legs but not build muscle”? What on earth?

  6. Kirsty Little

    You don’t have to be really slim to be sexy. Don’t compare yourself to
    other people, just exercise until you look good and are a healthy weight
    for you

  7. im Fourteen years old and I weigh 76kg and my height is 5’5, and I dont
    want to have muscles, I want to look good/sexy at this early age since its
    easy to lose weight at this age, but they say that I have big bones so its
    impossible for me to slim like her (in the video), WHAT SHOULD I DO?

  8. jessica cande

    Runners and Bikers (sometimes swimmers) always have thin slender legs! ^-^
    Other athletic sports have big muscular legs!

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