Exercise for Abs workout – Crunch Exercise

Crunch Exercise is one of effective abs exercises and is common for abs workouts. Crunch exercise is easy to do but have great effect on you abdominals and g…
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25 thoughts on “Exercise for Abs workout – Crunch Exercise”

  1. can I have my feets under a bench… its easier and it feels I do it more
    perfectly.. but I wonder if that has less effect as to dont have support by
    a bench

  2. Alexandrea Busnello

    No need to be rude when replying….It’s true. You can use your abs only,
    but it will still hurt your neck if you don’t hold it properly. Give this
    persona break and don’t be so goddamn rude.

  3. Alexandar Vukosavljevic

    @kamikaza80 Well do not use ur fucking neck then, use ur god damn abs!

  4. NO, just clench your abbs and flex them… that way you don’t have to use
    your neck muscles.

  5. I CANT! DOES THAT MEAN I HAVE NO ABS?!?!?! See, I can do the workout, but
    my neck always hurts more than my abs hurt.

  6. yur A FUCKING IDIOT!!!!!! you have no idea about the body at all do you?
    that will fuck yur back up so bad you’ll be hunched over for a week…

  7. Gabriel Figueiró

    Your neck only hurts because you’re doing it wrong, i will explain why does
    it hurts. When you go up and down your neck can´t move if it moves it will
    hurts. Look at the cartoon and you will see that his neck is always at the
    same place and doesn´t move. Try it now but with your neck stoped 😀

  8. well do 15 repetitions outta 3 + sets , like 15 reps , u hold on 30 secs ,
    then do 15 more , 3 times or more , (If u don’t feel anything at 15 reps ,
    do 30 then ) do them daily 😉 and be patient

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