Exercise Ball Abs Workout

Get flat abs with this ab workout using an exercise ball. Fitness Model Jess Bergenfield shows Sarah 3 ab moves she can do the same day as her cardio.
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49 thoughts on “Exercise Ball Abs Workout”

  1. mynameiskirstydoogan

    The first one looks so easy but I just wobbled and eventually gave up

  2. @RenatoCorona
    Me too! I have been using that program at
    for 2weeks now and Im thrilled with the
    results. Cant wait to see what results i can
    get in the next month as I am going on
    holidays and will be in a bathing suit a lot
    and I already know I will feel a lot better
    than I have in years..:))

  3. SarahsFabChannel

    Check out my channel for some oblique exercises!

    xoxo Sarah from DietHealth

  4. dynastychick3

    She just has a muscular build and isn’t a stick. That doesn’t mean she’s out of shape.

  5. You guys are an awesome combination. I don’t have the money for a personal trainer and you guys allow me to learn and exercise correctly. Thanks again!

  6. Thats what she said
    Seriously though its a dang good exercise especially if you suck in your gut while doing it

  7. MissMeatcleaver

    no no no. i always have to tie up my hair when i work out. i don’t know how you’re letting your hair hang loose and fly all over the place.

  8. seriously no offence but why do you always act like you don’t know what the excercise is gonna be e.g. “and today he’s going to be showing ME a…” and “so steven today, what’s this move” i mean, as IF you don’t know.

    sorry i just had to get it off my chest

  9. If you’re really interested for fast and effective way to build your ABS, then you should really try this method I found. I was sceptical at first but I was astonished by the results. Here it is (copy the link to your browser): ow.lyczi9X

  10. SarahsFabChannel

    I never swam competitively but my mother had me take swimming lessons until I was about 13 – it was like my camp, and her time to get errands done haha

  11. Very good exercise! Ive been doing the advanced with 20pounds for sometime now and my abs are crazy hard!

  12. April Koehler

    i love your face when you tried the advanced version! i was watching the video and i look up and guess what? i have a stability ball wooo!

  13. Robert Scheinfield

    yea she’s a little too far flexed, men’s health has a great video of the same stuff

  14. Sarah, please help me out- I’m a curvy girl. So I’ve been going to gym last two months. I feel that i have train my hand and ab muscles enough so I’m trying to spend more time on cardio so i can lose some weight but after running I feel that my lover leg muscles(i don’t know how they are called) “grow” too big. You know what i mean. It’s like i feel that I need more cardio but I’m afraid of having muscular legs.. What other cardio exercise I could do? :/

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