Emily Canadian Pole Fitness Championship 2012 Amateur Division Performance

This was my performance at the Canadian Pole Fitness Championship October 2012! I literally only worked on this dance 6 hours, definitely not enough time. My timing was way off, I was lacking floor transitions and I felt so awkward. This was my first pole performance without shoes, it was so weird for me, but all in all it didn’t turn out too bad. I know there’s a lot that could have used improvement, and for the next competition I’ll be much more prepared. Not bad at all for my first competition 😉 Song: Summit – Skrillex ft Ellie Goulding I do not hold any rights to the music

2 thoughts on “Emily Canadian Pole Fitness Championship 2012 Amateur Division Performance”

  1. charleyisagirl

    Em! That was awesome!!!!!!!! You have such beautiful stage presence! I loved your last sequence – yogini, sad girl, x ankle that was SWEET!  Congrats!

  2. crazyhighheels

    do you have high heels without straps? would so kind to dance with high heels without straps but that the high heels are about to fall but you go and fits the high heels ,please would very nice and sensual

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