Effective Abdominal Exercises You Can Do At Home | Kwonkicker

Basic, but effective ab & core exercises for beginners and veterans alike. There are many more than the ones I demonstrate here. These are just a few of my favorites. Try do to at least…
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25 thoughts on “Effective Abdominal Exercises You Can Do At Home | Kwonkicker”

  1. i dont understand how these fucking guys have such a low percentage of body
    fat that theyre just like skinny as a stick. like how much cardio does a
    person have to do and what do you have to eat to look like that?

  2. NormalGuyplayingGames SANIC is coming m8o

    Kwonicker is only able to go up because of his feet against the bed 

  3. +Yoganta Ryadi ,taekwondo is 90% kicking & 10% punching from what I get out
    of it but the real question to you is, you ask why do you need abs in
    taekwondo…..my guess is that you’ve never been kicked in the stomach?

  4. PixelPiggy Lova

    hey kwonkicker could you post a vvideo on work that help loose stomach fat
    I’ve been doing tons of ab workouts but ive only lost like 2 Lbs in one

  5. TheCrib WhereAllTalentsAreAccepted

    KWON! is that a hotel in Thailand? If so… I think I’ve been there…
    +kwonkickerEleanor +kwonkicker8 +UGx Kwonkicker +scott Kwonkicker (I
    couldn’t find you)

  6. @king bibibear: A strong core allows harder punches and harder kicks. One
    reason is because one uses his core when trying to develop more power.
    Having a strong core also helps with balance.

  7. the way i normally do the leg raises is have a partner stand behind me like
    you said and have them push my legs downward its a great endurance exercise
    thanks for the keeping your head up and keeping your elbows back tips it’ll
    devinately change the way i do situps

  8. @kwonkicker Hey Kwon, just curious..Push Ups primarily work your Pectoral
    muscles, right? But do they also work your Tricep/Bicep, or is it better to
    also lift weights in order to increase these muscles?

  9. awesome tips people say my upper body is very good but i have been trying
    like hell to find ways to exercise my abs because they are the only part
    left for me to build so thanks a lot! YOU ROCK!

  10. hey, i’ve got a question…. is this also ok if i’ll do this every night?
    how long will it take for me to let my abs grow?

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