Easy dance exercise for kids fitness and family holiday fun.

Easy dance exercise for kids fitness and family holiday fun.

www.muve.com • Allen (3), Noa (5) Kai (9) Maggie and Wallen dance to the Jingle Bells Christmas song. This is family exercising fun at home. The three dancers in the center are the “Muses” (lead dancers) for this dance. Grooving to music is so easy, all you got to do is step with the rhythm. Get in the Christmas spirit and dance like nobody is watching. We can all use some healthy movement around the holidays, when it’s easy to put on weight. MUVE Dancing Games can help you energize your familyand get the kids away from the high-tech gadgets. MUVE is physical activity disguised as fun and easy dance. There are different MUVE Dancing Games for any number of players. They offer stress relief for kids, exercises for older adults and workouts to get in shape for the whole family. They can get the family up and moving for better health and happiness. Learn about how to play the MUVE Dancing Games and get healthy dance aerobic exercise right at home. http Dancers follow lead dancer as suits their ability, energy, & creative spirit. Leaders take turns. MUVE dance for kids & adults keep family healthy. If you would like more guidance/inspiration and like to dance-along, MUVE low impact exercise DVDs are available at www.muve.com

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  1. Süße, das ist nur dann “waste of time”, also “Verschwendung von Zeit”, wenn man keine hat …… also kümmer dich drum welche zu bekommen!

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