Dynamic Pilates Core Strength Workout 30 Minutes

This Dynamic Pilates 30 Minute Core Workout is designed to strengthen and work out all four layers of abdominals. This workout is focused on the powerhouse (…
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POP Pilates: New Body Makeover! (Legs, Abs, Arms)

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

38 thoughts on “Dynamic Pilates Core Strength Workout 30 Minutes”

  1. This instructor is wonderful, but after doing this video a couple of times
    I don’t find it challenging anymore. Does she have more difficult videos?

  2. Danielle Metcalfe

    Great video. Not impossibly challenging, but a good solid workout. The
    instructor was great. 

  3. Thank you Katie that was really good and really helped me. I can feel my
    core working hard in all of those exercises. I feel really relaxed and
    stretched out too. Carla 

  4. Cannington Pilates

    This video is really good, most woman especially Mom at home want to try
    some exercise that can maintain their figure despite heavy schedule. Good
    thing good videos like this exists.

  5. Jessica Coratibo

    i try to do this every night! i have to say my legs look pretty amazing. i
    need something for flat tummy and tighter butt now LOL baby steps!

  6. Katarina Tuomala

    This was really good. I like that it doesn’t last too long until the next
    one but yet you can feel it.

  7. +Vitor Rosa Lopes parcero fiz agora esse 30 minutinho de Pilates, da hora,
    deu uma suadeira!

  8. I did this after Day 25 of the beginners calendar, and I’m now dying. It
    feels good, though.

  9. I can’t really do these circles with single leg, especially the right one,
    my hip makes weird noises

  10. sarahsunshine999

    Beginner Calender, really ? Sry too much on DAY 23! It is very hard and
    gives a beginner like me the feeling of beeing just a unflexible piece of
    shit. Sry but please change this, cuz I can’t do Abc abs AND this AND abs
    for beginners.

  11. This was a TOUGH workout this first time! I can’t wait to see my
    progression as I continue!! Thanks!

  12. that first long lunge was horrible. it hurt my toes so bad to do that so I
    kept falling over, idk if its just me but my toes do not bend like that….

  13. First time around doing this video was so hard. Now it was actually quite
    easy. Progress! That’s what it’s all about! 

  14. Wow, I was struggling so much for this, especially with the ab exercises. I
    had to take a breather every now and then. I’m on Day 23 of the Beginners’
    Calendar, is it ok for me to be finding this so hard? O_O

  15. I genuinely felt like I was about to die. Like I was feeling really sick.
    At one point I started shivering and I felt like I was about to faint. Omg.
    ABC abs after this?! No way!

  16. really liked the workout and the enthusiasm! 🙂 Only critique is maybe
    don’t say “Oh my God!” so much…maybe “Oh my gosh!” instead.

  17. Jessica Rabideau

    very frustrated about most of these moves…the beginning move was
    impossible because my feet can’t bend far enough to move my leg up and
    down, the move where you put your leg in front of the leg you’re supposed
    to be lifting is so incredibly awkward to do that I literally felt nothing
    because I spent more time actually trying to get into the right position
    and then the criss cross moves kill my neck more than my abs…I wish that
    most of these videos didn’t have super awkward positions or else the moves
    themselves would actually be doing something for me…moving on to see if
    there are any other videos that don’t make me feel like giving up on DAY

  18. that really killed me! couldn’t really keep my shoulders up all the time
    and had to rest several times but i did my best 🙂 day 23 almost done 

  19. pop pilates??? LOVE IT! I just came across this and I love pilates will be
    working this into my routine. I need to see some results

  20. I love this video. I just wish there was a version without songs so we
    could listen to our own and still hear the instructions. After a while the
    music becomes repetitive. Love your videos though, Cassie. Thank you for
    all that you do! Xo

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