Dynamic Pilates 40 Minute Full Body Workout

This Dynamic Pilates 40 Minute Full Body Workout is designed to strengthen and balance the body from head to toe. It is designed with modifications for all l…
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18 thoughts on “Dynamic Pilates 40 Minute Full Body Workout”

  1. Appreciate your attention to details; very helpful. I struggle with the
    side plank cause it put lots of stress on my shoulder joint. is their a
    way to strengthen or build up to the side plank

  2. Hi Cailin,

    Really like your workout and your instructions. Can you direct me to your
    other videos? Thanks. How about a workout with the physio ball or one with
    the Pilates Ring? : ) Thanks again


  3. What suggestions do you have for people who can’t do planks because the
    pressure on their wrists is too much for them to handle and it physically
    hurts them. How would I increase my strength in my wrists 

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