Dumbbell Workout to get Ripped!

http://xcellfitness.co.in/ One of the best and cheapest equipment that you can buy to lose weight and build muscle are a pair of dumbbells. Dumbbells are ine…
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25 thoughts on “Dumbbell Workout to get Ripped!”

  1. You forgot to mention you need a bench. And I wouldn’t recommend working
    out with weights on a roof top without any barriers…Duh! ;o)

  2. Joydev Mukherjee

    Hi raghav….nice tutorials..i got a pair of 10 lbs dumbbells…please tell
    me whether those are okay or shud i start with more???? M 25, 5’9″ and
    weigh 78 kgs…never did any weight training before…

  3. Good work bro! Your pretty strong, Getting some dumbbells soon to workout
    when away traveling with my job! Thanks and all the best! Peace from
    Australia homie! 

  4. Very good video,just perfect for me since I don’t have the space for
    I am 56 and this video made me feel so motivated that I’m going to get the
    to get started no later then tomorrow.thanks

  5. Eduardo J. Escobar

    Hello great video! I wanted to know how much weight I should start off
    with? I’m 5’7″ 198lbs and I want to lose weight and get toned, I don’t want
    to bulk up or gain too much muscle. I want to be leaned and toned.I thought
    lifting too much weight with low reps causes muscle gain. 

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  7. Raghev, what would you recommend for someone without a bench as a chest
    workout with dumbbells. 

  8. Have you tried Ready Set Ripped? (Google it) It is a quick and easy way to
    build muscle fast.

  9. raghev, would you recommend doing these dumbell compound exercies say 3
    times per week over say doing isolated dumbell exercies on each of the 3
    days which target a specific body part? (like doing the same compound
    exercies with dumbells in each of the days i mean)

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