Drop Sets For Building Muscle Mass

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25 thoughts on “Drop Sets For Building Muscle Mass”

  1. Married To The Game

    This is true… I started back at the gym for having a year off and was
    stuck at barely butterfly pressing 160… did drop sets and now i can do
    the whole rack of 255 within 2 months… now im in there with my boy and
    hes kinda slowin me down lol

  2. thanks eliot ,everything you said i am doing for the last 3 months, and i
    gained like 10kilograms,i gained some fat too but its not that much, its
    much more muscles because like you said you gota beat the crap out of your
    muscles ,PEACE

  3. This is a lot like the Greyskull method. AMRAP at the end of a 3×5 or 2×5
    routine. It works well. 

  4. Hi there, have you seen Max Muscle Method? (check on google) You will
    discover the crimes we commit against our bodies. With Max Muscle Method,
    you will discover how to bulk up fast.

  5. Never ever eat many carbs for longer time. Even hardgainers should have 2-3
    low carb days per week. It’s ok to increase carbs with intense training.
    Insulin is the hormone wich makes you fat over time because more insulin
    will make you insulin resistent over time.

  6. InsomniacDreams55

    Do you do drop sets for EVERY exercise that you do that day? For example,
    say you workout biceps… do you drop set at the end of 3 sets of barbells,
    3 sets of cables, 3 sets of dumbells?

  7. YO Elliot thanks for everything! Your advice helps tons and tons, sick ass
    intro music by the way.

  8. well yah that guy never give much info uh i eat chicken and rice and i cant
    get bigger. well how bout instead of chicken you eat beef or pork and do
    like he said eat a shit load of carbs rice oatmeal etc. and get your

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  10. I am subscribed to your channel, but in my opinion you dont get to the
    point fast enough. Besides that i enjoy your channels.

  11. Elisabetta Gatti

    Google Sweet Weight Shredder… It’s awesome. This video is great but wait
    until you see the diet you could learn when you download Sweet Weight
    Shredder… My sister lost 9 lbs in just one week.

  12. hey Elliot thanks heaps mate. I love learning from you. I’ve been watching
    5-10 of your videos daily, I’m putting the good things in, where your mind
    goes your body will follow….my body is taking it’s sweet ass time….but
    it’s getting there. You rock.

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