Does Your Height Matter When Trying to Build Muscle and Strength @hodgetwins

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25 thoughts on “Does Your Height Matter When Trying to Build Muscle and Strength @hodgetwins”

  1. sorry if you less than six foot u submale manlet boystatus anyway. good
    luccboi pulling those bitches at 5’6″ jajajajajaja 6’3″ masterrace

  2. Most power lifters/strongmen are 6ft+ so i dont know why they are saying
    they could never be power lifters….maybe genetics prevent you?

  3. So thats why i’m way stronger than my taller friends! I’ve always wondered
    why could i bench press almost the same amount as the guy thats taller. Now
    i can bench at least 100lb more than them! & they’re still struggling

  4. Supreme Tuladhar

    Have you heard about “Ripped Max Stagger?” (Go Google it) It is a quick and
    easy way to bulk up fast.

  5. Dominik Langston

    I’m 6’7 and its hard as fuck for me to normal bench, but my buddy who is
    5’7 has difficulty with incline bench where as its easier for me. so
    tall/shorter doesn’t mean stronger.. each just has its own advantages

  6. It would be a shame if you did not build muscle when these people are able
    to get ripped so easily with Epic Max Muscle (search for it on Google).

  7. That’s a fact, if your face is shit you can better be short, so you can
    hide yourself at parties. I know a guy who is close to 7ft and he’s ugly as
    fuck. Problem is that everybody sees him, he’s 34years old now and never
    had a girlfriend. He could slice a loaf of bread with his nose. But if
    you’re normal or goodlooking you can better be a big guy I think.

  8. Also, shorter people have shorter ligaments and tissues. They’re farther
    from joints, which help pulling. Taller guys have longer ligaments and
    tissues, that attach closer to the joint, so instead of pulling on the
    bone, its pulling right on the joint. That’s more leverage basically, and
    then the shorter limbs help shorter guys even more leverage-wise.

  9. how in the world would it be tougher for a tall person to cut? Taller
    people usually have higher metabolic rates…. everything else seems right

  10. i been preaching that for yrs, cause i’m 6’4″ and small frame…and
    i gotta work like crazy to get any gains…lol…a short person doing
    exactly what i do; would look like a f’n tank n the same amount of
    time…@jamespearson1994….a tall person may look more imposing etc.,
    etc.,…..but your wrong otherwise…….it’s a natural aspect…a ratio
    kind of thing…and just like the twins have said it..

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