Does THE PUMP Build Muscle?

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “Does THE PUMP Build Muscle?”

  1. “Tweeking nipples and using nipple clamps?… That’s not a game!”
    Well, technically, it is a game for some people. LOL

  2. I dont understand the people who have to use PRE-workouts and then
    POST-workout on top of some other bogus bullshit just so your amped up to
    lift…. Why isn’t your motivation natural and GENUINE — Why would anyone
    put all of that bullshit into the body that they’re trying to make amazing
    and healthy–…!?!?!?
    I workout very hard with a lot of intensity and I push myself with personal
    motivation and desire to become the best I can be with pure mental
    fortitude and discipline — Why jepordize the integrity of your workout
    and most importantly your BODY and MIND….? 99% of these Youtube fitness
    dudes are on some kind of Dope-ish Bullshit just to get them through a
    workout — To me , If you can’t get it naturally why would you want it- Why be a slave to products and chemicals it defeats the whole purpose of
    working out unless you don’t care about your health… Marc you seem cool ,
    a lot of the guys seem cool but it seems that your natural
    inspiration//motivation is very shallow and surface level… I don’t care
    how much weight you can push or pull– If you can’t push YOURSELF and
    MOTIVATE yourself your GAINS are bullshit and you and everyone else knows

  3. No matter how heavy I lift I always get a great pump, so I just tend to
    lift pretty heavy 

  4. Get back in the gym faster? surely on a bodypart split recovery isn’t an
    issue? not trolling srs question never done one.

  5. bryan pennington

    Go for the pump and leave the nipples alone. This is good shit. I should
    really be writting this down. Love the videos, keep it up. Great work.

  6. This is an iffy thing for me..yeah IFFY. hyperemia(the pump) is actually a
    better indicator that you worked the muscle properly and you will build
    muscle as opposed to muscle soreness. but there are iffy parts to include
    that I dont wish to type right now

  7. William Cameron

    Anybody else have an issue with this guy being a twig? I’d like to seem
    some results on the guy giving the instructions. From this vid, it looks
    like like I’m gonna shrink a full foot and lose 100 pounds.

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  10. This is what I dont understand. when search videos on how to build muscle
    without weight, usually the video is shown with a guy who ay be fitt but
    don’t look it or have as much muscles. confusing lol

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    quick and easy way for you to get ripped fast.

  12. 5 Muscle-building exercises (w/no equipment) – such a good energy in the
    vid #whatchyouthink ?

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  14. man those exercises hard especially for a beginner. i’m not a big ass fatty
    but, god, can’t feel my body right now.

  15. I look at him doing it and i sitting here thinking spider man push up! I
    can’t even do a push up. man am i going to die.

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    You are bound to get the body you deserve.

  17. Turbulence Training

    In terms of building muscle, there are better exercises than sit-ups. The
    exercises in the video will help build your core (among other muscles) and
    eliminate the fat around it. Dennis Team Turbulence

  18. Awesome energy in the video Brian ! BTW the link is broken. Anyway I’m
    gonna cycle through these 5 at-home exercises. Chat soon Phil

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