Do You Have To Get SORE To Build Muscle? – Muscle Soreness

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25 thoughts on “Do You Have To Get SORE To Build Muscle? – Muscle Soreness”

  1. i have a question Lee, muscles grow after you train them hard enough
    causing the muscle tissue to break down, then inflammation happens and you
    feel sore, so if i dont feel sore after a workout doesnt that mean that i
    have no inflammation in my muscles which also means i did not push my self
    hard enough during that workout !! is it a bad thing to be sore after
    workouts !!?? 

  2. No, it’s not “bad” to feel sore. But soreness isn’t required to build
    muscle. Generally the more advanced you get and the more conditioned your
    body becomes, the less muscle soreness you’ll experience.

  3. Thanks Lee! My shoulders never get sore, and I was a bit concerned. They’re
    still getting stronger and growing though!

  4. Hey i have been training for about 2 weeks and i do 10 reps for every set.
    but after a new training day i try to increase the weights with 10kg more
    and when i do it i can only do about 5 reps for every set. Can you please
    tell me how i can increase the weights and still do 10 reps?

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  6. Yes, that’s normal and part of the reason why bodybuilder practice posing
    and flexing before a competition. It helps to bring out more muscle detail
    and hardness.

  7. That will come with time. But what you can try to do is increase the weight
    and drop the reps. Then for each workout strive to get an extra rep. So
    this week do sets of 5 reps, next week do sets of 6 reps, the following
    week sets of 7 reps, etc. and build yourself up to doing sets of 10 reps.

  8. Hi. I always get sore the day after. Been training for 4 years. Is it bad
    thing?or what?But if i train maybe twice a week each muscle then am more
    less soreness.

  9. @leemhayward which vitamin is better for you herbal vs. regular vitamins? I
    know to go herbal its more but I wonder is it more healthier then your
    regular vitamins, supplements?

  10. wow all along i was thinking not getting sore ment i didnt do a good
    workout haha im glad i watched this, you really know what your talking
    about… thanx Lee Hayward.

  11. Thank you Lee, I learned a lot from this.. I’ve been working out for more
    than half a year and I started not to feel sore after a hard workout and
    thought I was doing something wrong. I’m glad I found this video.

  12. 29miklosfeher29

    @bodybuildingDGE Yeah i am aware of that, i used to be a huge wrestling
    fan. I suppose steroids are a choice, I choose not to use them but if you
    want to use them that’s up to you.

  13. I was wondering about this myself the other day as I just tired a few new
    exercises and increased my overall time at the gym during my sessions the
    past two workouts and I’m quite sore. I’m still starting out so I was
    wondering if I was doing too much or something. Good to know I won’t have
    to live out the rest of my days in pain. This video was very informative
    and quite hilarious. I’m going to favorite it. Thanks.

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