Do You Have to Be SORE to Build Muscle? The Truth.


25 thoughts on “Do You Have to Be SORE to Build Muscle? The Truth.”

  1. Im behind you

    Wow i got out of the gym and took my fish oil and ate lettuce for the first
    time, no wonder why i wasn’t sore!

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  4. syarwayudi yusof

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  5. Simon Lamarche

    Lactic acide has been proven to not cause the burn in the muscle, but would
    be attributed to lack of coordination in muscle recruitment (friction and
    micro tears).

  6. Kristian Niss

    Jumping up and down for an hour isn’t “doing shit” for your calfs. You’re
    not going to get any measureable growth, but that isn’t the only reason to
    use your muscles :)

  7. Nah I’d say most guys seek some degree of discomfort as a means of
    validation in the gym

  8. Omar can you do a video strictly on upper cross syndrome? I know how to
    solve the lower cross part, but the shoulders have so much more movement in
    them the exact exercises and how to do them is tricky for me. Even things
    like laying on ur side and do external rotations with dumbbells I am not
    sure on perfect form.

  9. Hey chef buff need some advice im bulking and have gained a lot of fat on
    my thighs not sure whether to do to lose the fat and/or gain muscle i’ve
    started some hiit on a treadmill and to eat less? but wouldnt that effect
    my gains

  10. SkillzwhoKillz

    If you are ichting to feel sore, try doing some plyometric training. (i.e.
    jump squats on the hack squat, pushing shit up a hill, or something that
    involves explosivness so as to engage the fast-twitch muscle fibers.)

  11. I personally trained chest and triceps and my other muscles once a week, i
    like to let them recover from soreness, is that a good thing ?

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