Do NOT Crunch – Vince Gironda advice for abs exercise

Do NOT Crunch - Vince Gironda advice for abs exercise CLICK THIS LINK For More Vince Grionda Info — Elliott Hulse discusses Vince Gironda’s advice…

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  1. Bruce lee did crunches and he was ok. With abs . And floyd mayweather.
    Tyson. So idk fuck was u say 

  2. Nothing is good to the extreme. Never doing crunches won’t work your abs as
    much as you could, and always doing them proves to be bad as well. Use good
    judgment and do what feels right and always do things in moderation. If
    anything, the one proven lift that is dangerous is the leg extension with
    relatively high weight. Your shins aren’t supposed to bear a lot of weight
    from the front, and doing so dangerously weakens your ACLs and makes you
    more prone to injury. 

  3. Daniel Firestarter

    Don’t go the sit ups because they promote bad habits. This doesn’t mean
    crnches are bad, but people’s bodies will naturally try and find the
    easiest way to do something which for people like me was due to the
    hyperactive hip-flexor. Thank you for the information. It really helped.

  4. Psytex Anonymous

    So I should actually do crunches, because I’ve been sitting on my back for
    many years I’ve bent my lower back forward, so my body has like a
    tucked-in-tail kind of shape, and the middle of my back has too much of a
    curve because of the lower back.

  5. Camilo Melendez

    Elliot is pretty good at being a strength athlete and running his camp. But
    he seems to overstep it when it comes to talking, he talks so much I think
    he confuses himself as well as his watchers. In other words he’s just a
    professional broscientist with a pHd in bro-ology.

  6. Bruce Lee was all about his core and did endless ad crunches etc etc. He
    died from back problems caused in the gym while lifting weights. He
    destroyed his spine, maybe because of his over worked abs? 

  7. Though you kept referring to crunches you described situps and not
    crunches. Crunches work the back flexors and situps work the hip flexors
    (iliacus and psoas = iliopsoas) muscles.

  8. It’s funny, I was doing leg raises into dragonflies on a bench the other
    day and the next morning I woke up to so much deep pain in my left front
    hip. I do sit a lot and it makes sense that the hip flexors try and
    compensate for the abs. Have to be more aware of that from now on and
    target the abdominals only…I think doing reverse crunches and kettlebell
    swings for the lower back would be a good counter point to ab work. 

  9. I’ve been doing the wall postural exercise, if you look it up it’s
    basically the same thing, you suck your anterior abdominal wall up and in.
    Now when I do squats and deadliest I noticed my abdominals are really sore
    because i’m activating it much more than I could do before to stabilize.

  10. Dude, crunches are a small part of building a great 6 pack, deadlifting,
    leg raises all contribute to great ab developement

  11. Holy crap, I’m so glad I saw this. This sounds like my problem, and I’ve
    been trying to figure this out the past year. I take my posture very
    seriously, and I try as hard as I can to stand perfectly straight. People
    tell me I have a “presence” and I think posture has something to do with
    that. Unfortunately, when I’m not wearing a loose shirt, if I look in the
    mirror, it looks like I’m sticking out my stomach and butt, or I have a
    curvature of the lower spine. I’m definitely going to try the exercises in
    the follow-up video this links to it. I’m very excited about this! Thanks

  12. What the fuck is this guy talking about? Why is Elliot saying the guy who
    coached Arnold believed “no crunches”, as if to imply since he trained
    Arnold you shouldn’t do crunches? Leave Arnold’s name out of it, as Arnold
    did crunches, and did many different variations. Obviously crunches weren’t
    all Arnold did, but stating it the way Elliot did is just being
    intellectually dishonest.

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