Denise Austin: Cardio Fat-Burn Workout

Denise Austin: Cardio Fat-Burn Workout is designed to raise the heart rate and boost the metabolism for an ultra-effective calorie-burning experience. This series of low intensity cardio exercises are easy on the joints and will sculpt muscle in the legs while toning the entire body. Iconic Trainer, Denise Austin takes you through this aerobic workout that will blast away the pounds and sculpt a fit and toned beach-ready body.

25 thoughts on “Denise Austin: Cardio Fat-Burn Workout”

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  2. Just don’t “bounce” as much – just do it like you’re walking instead of jumping – when you get more strength in them you can incrementally increase using the bounce. I’m not a professional – just from my own experience.

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  6. I lost my shit when she started staying ‘rainbow arms’, but apart from that, good workout. Only problem is, if you have only a tiny space to work out in like me, you’re gonna have to do some adjustments

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  9. Thank you Denise, I usually go to gym after work, but after I come home and rest and eat my dinner I feel I still got energy to work out, I’m sweaty right now 😉

  10. HarmlessFeelings

    Good luck and wish you succeed just one advice. Its much better to exercise in the morning till early in the afternoon and not at nights. 🙂



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  13. florencelaksmana

    thank you for uploading this video.. i just had a c section and needed a low intensity exercise program to ease back into working out and this is perfect 🙂

  14. I can’t believe this is almost 20 minutes. Every time I do this exercise I’m thinking it’s at least 12. But she makes it fun. I did this just last Friday

  15. TheSuccessunlimited

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