Dead Lift Technique Instructions with Slow and Stop Motion

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25 thoughts on “Dead Lift Technique Instructions with Slow and Stop Motion”

  1. sara maharjan

    I am grateful for the film. Youtube is good for this kind of info.

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  2. KaeruthePaladin

    It’s some kind of inside joke every asshole on the internet is n On. There’s a guy like that on every single deadlifting video on youtube complaining about the form and they all have dozens of Thumbs Ups from naive fucktards

  3. do you have any links for better deadlift techniques? I tried looking at the two you mentioned but there werent any specific videos on technique

  4. Everyones form is slightly different. Keep up the good work. Cool vidio. What’s ur 1 rep max?

  5. MikeysFitness

    I’ll be uploading a video on correct form very shortly. –

  6. MikeysFitness

    Worst teaching video I’ve come across. Please delete this video, before a young person tries it and hurts themselves.

  7. penja jubami

    @eldlcpo u’re right. You are smart if you understand you need to eat right at your age to kill your belly. Listen I heard that most of the celebrities used to follow to kill their belly using this 7 food items. worth watch here now >

  8. Ludvig Bilinski

    Worst then me. Weight not going through center. Start again do right.

  9. projectinvictus

    Don’t know exactly, because these info are part of my background as PL instructor, far from feeling like an elite lifter, but always trying to do my best. I tried but didn’t found a good tutorial on the tube, but I can suggest you to get a look to the proper form watching the IPF athlete and competition, just search IPF powerlifting, or as I wrote, even if he’s out of IPF, there are some good quality videos of andrey belyaev in which you can apreciate the “close pack position” just before start

  10. I have’t started using dead lifts due to the fear of doing them with bad form, can you give me a video where it shows the correct form you are reffering to?

  11. Joshua Silverman

    I agree with projectinvictus the form is incorrect too close to the shins … 

  12. 宝くじ当選しました 当選金お譲り致します


  13. ElmwoodParkHulk

    Yes I know I just commented on a guy who has a video on monster arms while he has pencil arms and his routine isn’t any good.

  14. thats the feeling of muscle soreness for backlift. Doest feel nice but thats what it is.

  15. depends if the muscle is sore then yes but if the spine (like in the middle) is in pain then no.

  16. sirdaddyburke

    Yes that is normal the bottom of the dead lifts focus on your lower back. That is why perfect form is stressed so highly because you do not want a back injury. Once you get to the top of the lift, you thrust your hips forward and squeeze your gluts to focus on your ham/glut

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