Day 9 – Full Potential Detox Practice – 30 Days of Yoga

Join Adriene on Day 9 of The 30 Days of Yoga journey! Full Potential Detox Practice! Meet your full potential and come into your power with this vigorous – but loving – at home yoga practice….

Laruga Glaser: Authorised Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, Morning Mysore Program at Yogayama, Stockholm. Filmed and edited by Alessandro Sigismondi …
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40 thoughts on “Day 9 – Full Potential Detox Practice – 30 Days of Yoga”

  1. Yoga With Adriene

    Day 9! Meet your full potential w/ this fiery and fun DETOX practice. Tone
    the body – yogi style! #30daysofyoga

  2. So I may have fallen out of my lunge at one point but screw it! I
    absolutely adored this, and even felt myself building up a sweat. I can
    already feel myself becoming more flexible in downward facing dog and even
    in seated cross-legged positions with my legs growing closer to the floor!
    Yoga is so beautiful.

  3. Gail Pickens-Barger, E-RYT

    Egads! Back foot really has a case of the wiggles! So I was WAY slower
    getting into the high lunge with the kissing finger tips. Glad you stayed
    in the pose a bit, and nice words of drawing into the core to get stable.
    Good stuff! I dunno what happened yesterday, but whoops! Skipped a day.
    #30DaysofYoga with YOU! #ChairYogaFitness #ChairYogaFitnes with
    Gaileee Chow baby!

  4. I haven’t been commenting daily but still keeping up with these, and my
    husband has been participating as well (he has never done yoga before). I
    had a rough day at work today and wasn’t on my game mentally, and it really
    affected my ability to do yoga as well — I was surprised how much.
    Hopefully tomorrow I will do better. 

  5. so today i struggled to follow along 100% but it was actually a blessing,
    as i could let go of that and just do my own thing. close my eyes and float
    around following vaguely and coming back into down dog (which i couldn’t do
    on day one – now it’s finally relaxing!) whenever. it’s making me learn to
    do my own yoga, and will let me practise without the videos – thanks
    adriene! xo namaste

  6. Jay Thompson-Munn

    It’s really hot here today, I was dripping with sweat by the time I
    finished this. But it felt amazing! 

  7. There are plenty of ways to boost your detox process without having to go
    into a juice only cleanse, especially in the cold winter months. Loving
    these videos!

  8. hey adriene please help? second time i’ve attempted this challenge today..
    everytime i get to around 3:10 i get an massive erection. IDK WHAT TO DO?

  9. I am not feeling so hot today, but managed to infuse this practice with
    restorative poses – skipped vinyasa for child’s pose, went with low-lunge
    instead of high-lunge, and spent time visualizing a healthier body able to
    do the complete practice. Feeling grateful I could give myself this! Thanks
    as always for your flexibility (literal and metaphorical) Adriene! :)

  10. Emma Rutherford

    Day 9 Detox Done! I liked the twists and pushups! Yoga always sends my cat
    to sleep! :)

  11. Enjoyed the FGT reference! Today was tough for me. I have trouble when
    things go to “flow.” Takes me a while to get in and out of each posture.
    However, I tried to let go of my judgy-ness when you said to! 

  12. I’m diggin’ this practice so much! Love how fully present you are in every
    one of your videos, just like you’re in the same room with me. You don’t do
    this halfheartedly, you’re always all there. These #30daysofyoga are a
    wonderful belated christmas gift! From all my heart xx

  13. Thank you Adriene for teaching yoga online! My brother passed away 8 months
    ago and I have struggled ever since. Yoga has been my release! I don’t want
    to go to a gym and take a class so it’s great to be able to be in my home
    practicing yoga anytime! Also you make it fun, sometimes silly, and very
    positive! Thanks! U help others more than you probably realize! :)

  14. Ooft, struggled with the press up bits – my arms just wouldn’t work by the
    end. My knees get really sore when I need to put any weight on them, should
    I put extra padding under them do you think? Probably doesn’t help that I’m
    using the kids play mat for a yoga mat lol

  15. Gotta say an extra special thanks for the little pep talk at the end of
    that one. I was right on the verge of tears over how poorly I felt like I
    was doing today, and those parting words really helped me to consider not
    being so hard on myself for a change. <3

  16. Thank you so much for this amazing practice. I’m a few days behind, but
    following strong and loyal. With Day 9, I felt a true cleanse and release.
    I also challenged myself a bit harder. 

  17. Every yoga demonstration presented by Laruga Glaser looks so fluid and
    effortless she has such strength, grace, and beauty #ashtangayoga 

  18. Nisha Reddy Das

    Every yoga demonstration presented by Laruga Glaser looks so fluid and
    effortless she has such strength, grace, and beauty #ashtangayoga 

  19. Nisha Reddy Das

    Every yoga demonstration presented by Laruga Glaser looks so fluid and
    effortless she has such strength, grace, and beauty #ashtangayoga 

  20. Wonderful video – sublime unleashing of the body’s potential. Could you
    please say what the music is?

  21. excellent video – only I don’t like the title. Everything is possible
    that’s the philosophy of Ashtanga Yoga.

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