Day 1 – 30 Day Yoga Challenge – Let’s Get Started!

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25 thoughts on “Day 1 – 30 Day Yoga Challenge – Let’s Get Started!”

  1. rorolovesbeauty1

    I did yoga about 5 years and stop I don’t know why but this is a great way
    to get back into doing yoga:) I didn’t want it to end haha 

  2. I’m not going to put this in Newbie catergory cause if you have never did
    yoga before you might not be able to do all the moves on Day 1!! It will
    teach you how to breath during workouts and relax your mind.

  3. I can do everything except… pigeon. I hate it.
    Thanks dor the video, I think that it’s the best yoga video on YT :)

  4. Did day one of the 30 day yoga challenge. It was a rude awakening, lol. I
    am sooo not flexible. Can anyone tell me specifically what kind of yoga
    this is or is it just simply “yoga?”

  5. I tried yoga for about a week a while back and loved it but didn’t keep up
    with it. I started this yesterday and it feels so good. This young lady is
    a fantastic instructor. She lets you know exactly what to do.

    If you click on the DoYouYoga channel and go to playlists, they have all 30
    days available.

    Hope you guys check it out and enjoy it.

  6. Oh yea, after like a couple weeks of this day1 yoga vid, im finally immune
    to the pain the pigeon pose entails lool I shld really move on to day 2 any
    day now… lol ;)

  7. Does anyone feel tremendous strain on the knee during Pigeon? I can’t
    overlay the knees yet at all, but even just cross legged any kind of
    pressure downward on my leg just kills my knee. Am I doing it wrong, really
    inflexible or do I just have a bad knee? Or is that just part of the

  8. Am a newbie so I like your detailed instructions. My hops are really tight
    to day one was perfect. 

  9. Love this challenge it helped me find my happy place. Also it helped me
    realize how flexible I am.

  10. I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia after more than a year of
    horrible body aches, swollen joints and a bunch of other nasty stuff. I
    have tried exercising but every attempt at starting a routine has set me
    back on the pain front. I have really been wanting to learn yoga because
    the deep stretches just sound delicious to my stiff, aching joints. I just
    tried this video and it felt sooooo good! I am tempted to do it again but
    figure I need to wait and see how I feel a few hours from now. I give this
    vid a huge thumbs up and will take on the challenge if my body cooperates!!
    Thank you.

  11. I keep saying I want to get into the yoga lifestyle, and I start on the
    first day, get about 7 minutes in, and then collapse from lack of upper arm
    strength :(

  12. Marilia Espanholeto

    I love your video, and i love the challenge! This is exactly what I was
    looking for, thanks!
    I just want to ask for BR subtitles.
    love yoga!

  13. This was the first time I have ever done yoga. I work out pretty regularly
    but I thought for the new year I would try something completely different,
    to help with my posture and digestion. I’m glad I started with this video.
    Wasn’t intimidating at all, easy to follow, and I feel good. Great Video
    Erin Motz!

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