Danza Kuduro Sensazao Dance Fitness

No Copyright Infringement Intended Sensazão Crew dances to Don Omar’s Danza Kuduro!!! Remember to come join us for one hour of dance fitness in our new studio in Landmark Mall in the Washington DC area!
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  1. Sensazão Crew

    Hi guys, two big events coming up this month!
    We are teaching a Master Class in NYC this Sunday, June 24 3:00–4:30pm.
    On June 30th our big Sensathon event will take place in VA. The theme is the Olympics! This will be a huge Master Class event, get your tickets asap!
    For more information on both events go to: sensazao.com/events/

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  3. beautifulgirl425

    The girl in the green top killed it. She reminds me of JWoww for some reason.

  4. So sorry I missed you guys when you came to Texas. I hope to see you guys come back to the Houston area again…. You are the best ever!!!! I will be licensed in two weeks and can’t wait…… Zumba!!!!!

  5. Sensazão Crew

    SENSATHON 2012! HUGE Master Class Event: June 30th, from12:30 — 2:30PM. Visit our website for more details.
    Location: Northern VA Community College
    Ernst Community Cultural Center
    8333 Little River Turnpike
    Annandale, VA 22003

  6. jessica guzman

    Say iPhone 5 times then post this 2 times in another video and then look under uur pillow

  7. fatinfarliana

    you know!! the basic steps in this style “dance” is poco-poco.. it famous in south east asia coutry.. lol!

  8. cheater22xinc

    i envy you i cant dance i was born without a rythmic bone in my body. and i love this song.

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