::DANCE WORKOUT:: Big Bang Tribute

Like my FB page! facebook.com 4:24 – Somebody To Love 5:10 – Dirty Cash 5:39 – Monster 5:53 – Haru Haru 6:23 – Bad Boy 6:49 – Tonight 7:19 – Love Song 7:44 – Fantastic Baby
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24 thoughts on “::DANCE WORKOUT:: Big Bang Tribute”

  1. Hope you had a fantastic time in Seoul. 😀 I’m so jealous, but I’m learning Korean so I can visit S.K. one day. :) You’re an inspiration, Heather. I think you’re fantastic, baby!



  2. I won’t front, i just enjoying watching Heather dance ’cause she’s pretty & just nice in general (not clicking thumbs up on that dudes comment though). I think it’s safe to say the majority of her subs do the same & I’m sure she realizes that. she obviously does this for fun & every now & then for the people who really wanna learn the actual moves. if you enjoy it cool, if not i really doubt she cares. (p.s. aw, I already miss her brown hair) but yeah, whatever.

  3. beingspecialsucks

    oh god please, more MORE MORE BIGBANG! i tell yo why..its really hard for me to work out, and the only thing that motivates me is bigbang music! its the only way I really enjoy working out, so your videos are so so so good for me! if you have time….do more! thank you you’re awesome

  4. babyprincess3121

    I like this and full song. I like when the songs are back to back so I can get a hardcore workout. I love to dance lol

  5. watching you do the dance tribute is cool, but I would suggest you use those for like dance cover tributes. I like just dancing to the one song =)

  6. wow!!! you are great teacher!!!! beautiful teacher!!! 굿굿 너무 아름다우십니다.

  7. How did you make that adorable top? It looks like you can move quite freely in it. Consider doing a quick tutorial, maybe? I’d love to know how you did it! 😀


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