Daily Protein Intake: How Much Protein To Build Muscle?

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25 thoughts on “Daily Protein Intake: How Much Protein To Build Muscle?”

  1. when dieting should you up your protein intake because carbs will be coming
    down or just keep protein at 1 gram?

  2. How many grams of protein should you consume daily to optimize muscle
    growth/fat loss?

    “How Many Grams Of Protein Per Day”?

  3. If i currently weigh 160 lbs and I want to bulk up to 180 lbs, should I
    still consume 160 g of protein daily or should it be 180 g of protein

  4. This is the age old question for those who want to build muscle – thanks
    for sharing your insight!

  5. That’s fine – excess beyond what the body needs is actually converted to

  6. When it comes to protein I prefer to go slightly higher just to be on the
    safe side. It’s not a huge difference, it’s not going to hurt you, and any
    excess will be converted into carbohydrate anyway.

  7. Hey man sorry to be a pain im 19 an 5 ft 10 weigh 185.4lbs ive worked out
    the 2 grams per lb bit and it comes to 168.192. Does this mean everything
    individually on my plate can weigh anything from that lowest number to the
    highest ? or does it mean everything all together has to be somewhere in
    the middle between both numbers thanks wish i knew more about nutrition lol
    thanks for reading this if you do 🙂

  8. The 2 issues with hemp are 1) Low leucine content… leucine is the primary
    amino acid involved in stimulating protein synthesis – whey is packed with
    leucine. 2) From the research I’ve been able to gather hemp has a
    reasonably lower BV rating than whey… Whey has the highest BV of any
    protein source. That said, hemp is a complete protein and has other
    nutritional benefits so I don’t see any issue with including it in your
    diet. But In terms of body composition whey is going to be superior.

  9. Hello, im already training for 3 months, im using 160 grams of proteine per
    day, i weight 136 lbs (with body fat) is it bad if i take this much
    protein? Thank you in advance!

  10. No. All proteins are broken down into individual amino acids and as long as
    you’re getting the bulk from a few high BV proteins you’re fine. Don’t
    listen to idiotic advice that you must “rotate your protein sources” or
    consume 10 different kinds etc.

  11. how much would you take from shakes or can you get all the protein from
    food even when trying to loose weigh?

  12. Ive actually had better workouts & strength gains with only .75g per lb.
    down from 1+g. Maybe its just me but I seem to be stronger and haven’t
    noticed longer recoveries. Im running & doing super set calisthenics so if
    pure bulk & a certain body image are your thing or maybe just weight
    lifting in general then maybe 1 or even 2g per lb is optimal, just not for
    me. Im saving a lot of money in whey too.

  13. Sean can you make a video on the topic about skinny fat guys? I use to be
    overweight but now I’m skinny fat. I have a normal weight but 22,5% bf. I’m
    clueless to what I should do kno, I wanna tighten up but I feel like if I
    get even smaller I would kinda get anorexia ish and get unhealthy. Obv I
    attained this high bodyfat because of crash and jojo dieting, so my
    metabolism is probably fucked up too by now.. plz sean any advice, tips on
    this topic on how I can recover from this?

  14. There are multiple studies showing anywhere from 0.7-0.8g per lb bodyweight
    to be optimal, and this study was done using elite natural bodybuilders.

  15. Mohannad Mohamed

    actualy no i am no pro..but in biology proteins basically consists out of
    CHON which means carbon . hydrogen . oxygen and nitrogen…so excess
    protein goes under a process called de-amination of amino-acids which
    basically getting rid of the N and storing the CHO as glycogen in liver….
    only Nitrogen gets down with urin

  16. no way man!!! More like 1.5 grams per pound of bodyweight. As long as your
    working out and trying to bulk up you need 1.5 grams, you dont NEED, but it
    will deff. help you grow at 1.5g. or even 2g per pound of weight for
    bodybuilders or athletes…correct me if im wrong! Please……

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