D04-Weight Loss Exercises at Home for Men & Women-60 Day Beachbody Challenge

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It’s no secret that weight loss exercises at home getting a bikini body takes hard work and total-body dedication, so we made a workout that has just that. O…
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7 thoughts on “D04-Weight Loss Exercises at Home for Men & Women-60 Day Beachbody Challenge”

  1. I tried to get the workout routine on your website, but redirect s to
    another youtube page. Do you have another link? Or able to email? Thanks

  2. lol .. yeah it’s hard to do upper body exercises with body weight … next
    week we will do a break on wednesday so you wont be as sore

  3. Christina Oikonomidou

    hahahhaha after doing the first exercise of this vid, i was like doing a
    pirouet 😛

  4. I am soo happy to have found these videos. I showed up just in time. Any
    idea on how to ease the soreness afterwards? I look like the scarecrow from
    the wiz walking around because my legs are super sore!!!

  5. Plank Jacks and Hover I could not do. I replaced them with slip kicks with
    clap and steam engines. Deep squats I was actually able to squat down all
    the way and actually lift myself up although I could not do 25 straight..
    started with 8 rest a few seconds did 6 then 6 then 3 and then the final 2.
    I was feeling the burn. Thanks!

  6. from my hips to my feet, i am sore. can’even sit on my glutes !! this is
    something i won’t be doing, i’m doing upper body bro…

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