7 thoughts on “CrossFit Kids – Power clean and box jump workout at the Arnold Sports Festival”

  1. MrFitnesslover

    Moms, teach your toddlers the value of fitness at an early age. Buy them safe gym equipment replicas from WODtoys.

  2. Sean Villagracia

    Yes. Kids + weights = short people is a myth. People thought this to be true because children of shorter stature made better athletes for sports such as gymnastics, olympic lifting, and even power lifting. The shorter limbs and bodies meant weight had to travel over shorter distances. An O-lifter with shorter arms is able to get under the bar on a jerk much more efficiently than a person of 6’0″ and above height. When these children were picked out, it was a thought out plan.

  3. Kelly Chesney

    It’s awesome when kids are involved in fitness. IT sets the stage for adult hood!!!

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