Crash & Recover- Time to Deload

Deload weeks are just as important as your hardcore training ones. If you have been training hard for a long period of time. Take some time to rest and DELOA…
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  1. I respect ANY trainer who suggests playing video games during a rest period! Lol, I knew it was a good idea to come watch your vlogs after my workout today. Thanks! Now I’m off to play some baseball.

  2. Dilraj Paudel

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  3. It would be a shame if you did not bulk up when these people build muscle easily using Mega Muscle Method (search for it on google).

  4. this guy is awesome!!! he actually takes time for everyone that watches!!

  5. Richsan Adikoesoemo

    If you have been trying to bulk up, you should search Google for “MAD Ripped Muscle”. They can help you get the body you deserve.

  6. Hi Scott, I wish I could get all the bennies from being a paying subscriber. However, was laid of and been out of work for a yea nowr. I hope to be getting a new job and become a paying subscriber soon. I need help with my nutrition. Until then, thanks for making your workout vids free on youtube!

  7. yo scott, instead of deload weeks cant you just have a break for a week? any difference?

  8. Have you experienced “Atomic Max Muscle?” (do a Google search for it) It is a quick and easy way for you to build muscle fast.

  9. Gerrit Taylor

    when i overtrain im not hungry im kinda depressed and i toss and turn all night

  10. Hey Scott ! If i train full body routine monday,wendsday (included gym like vollyball,hockey,endurance whatever the gym teacher says) and friday. Will that be enough to gain muscle seize ? (I eat alot my macros are intact)

  11. Tribalsanne1984

    I just thought it was nice that u waited for the invincible car at 0:33 🙂

  12. This is very well said. Im deloading in 2 weeks. Going through every muscle 2 more times, then I deload for 10 days. Also happens to be my big meets coming up, which I timed perfectly. Then getting back into lifting in about 20 days after I start my deload.

  13. Danny Hernandez

    really nice words…great attitude..I just liked the video before the 5 minute

  14. Sweet thnx for the reply and cant wait to see what you have instore for her, its been awhile lol

  15. Scott I have a sort of pain in my back, trying to locate it, it feels close to my spine… I have been trying to recall what I’ve been doing and I suspect that i got it from this abdominal/core twist machine… you know where you sit and twist your legs left/right like a pendulum? Does that sound like where it came from? I heard you can strain your back from it.

  16. Chiem van Beljouw

    Scott, I’ve got a question for you, I hope you can answer it.
    I’m 17 years old and I’m training like hell (4 to 5 times a week), but I can’t really say that I’m making that much progress. I can’t probably eat all the stuff you’re eating because my mom cooks XD. But can you recommend a good supllement (or anything like that, like a good working shake or something) for me?
    As I said, I hope you can answer my question!
    PS, keep up your good motivation, I admire it!

  17. Thats a scion? Sounds good lol. And Scot… no offense but you look dead. Lmao.. take it easy dude.

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