Core Strength – ABS WORKOUT

This “HARD CORE” (yes I went there) gives your abs 100 exercises in 15 minutes! Why not do it TWICE! (600 reps!) Jess is a personal trainer with Babes on the…
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  1. To build up 6 pack abs, you will not need any kind of tough diet plan or
    doing the difficult exercises, you possibly can achieve it less difficult
    than you think. The key is consuming the right foods & doing the right

  2. mounisha chamarthy

    i love doing it, love the instructor does she have more videos in other
    channel or somethingg ???

  3. iluveliasherrera

    I love this!!! it is my third day working it out and so far I am sooo
    sooore!!! but I love it.

  4. I’ve recently discovered these videos and they really give me a GREAT
    workout…I sweat like CRAZY, and I feel and see the difference.

  5. It depends on you fitness level, try to find an amount of exercise that
    challenges you but is not to much that you are too sore to work out for
    days. Try 3 times a week and slowly add in other routines. This is why we
    have 15 minute blocks to vary the work and help you reach an amount of work
    that suits your level of fitness. The key is sustainable so you keep going.

  6. Thank you, Jess! Your short videos are a terrific complement to my other
    workouts at home! I have referenced your videos on my blog fitness series
    at Thank you so much for helping me push my limits!

  7. Thanks for this short routine! Especially in hectic weeks with a lot of
    work this one is most welcome.

  8. We use “My Fitness Pal” to work out calorie usage and track your intake, it
    is free also have a look at “LiveLighter” this has many great FREE
    resources and is run by the Australian Government. Enjoy!

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