Core Exercises for Men – Get 6 Pack Abs with this Core Exercise for Men

Core Exercises for Men – Try this unique Core Exercises for Men that will help you get 6 pack abs. Created by Chad Howse, a former skinny guy who gained 32 lbs of ripped muscle in only 32 weeks using a unique workout called the PowerHowse Challenge. Chad has gone on to help hundreds of other guys build lean, ripped, athletic muscle using this unique system that will help you with your muscular development, no matter HOW skinny you are. Including unique Core Exercises for Men like he shows in the video. If you’re struggling with gaining muscle, if you want to add more muscle, and improve your athleticism, Chad’s unconventional tactics will help you get there. Find out more about Chad below. Join Chad’s Fan Page Here: Check out more about him on his blog:

16 thoughts on “Core Exercises for Men – Get 6 Pack Abs with this Core Exercise for Men”

  1. MrComedyUniversal

    When you get to the top of an ab crunch, breathe out deeply. You will cause your muscles to do extra work, meaning that you gain more effect from each repetition. Your crunches will be more efficient when you employ this method.

  2. ChadHowseFitness

    I see where you’re coming from man. There’s a lot of crap marketing and lies out there, my story isn’t one of them. True story. No bullshit.

  3. @BailyProductions
    Uhh, not to sound like a douche doing the math for you… but 4 weeks in a month, now times that by 8 and you get 32 weeks. That’s 8 months, not 4 :D!

  4. BailyProductions

    Dide, not disrespecting, but there is no way you built 32lbs of pure muscle in 32 weeks. Maybe 8lbs but that uh uh no way, you are just promoting yourself

  5. ChadHowseFitness

    use a heavier weight. (how long are you holding it for?). It might not kick in until the 120-second mark or more. Also, flex your abs as you’re holding the plank.

  6. BailyProductions

    Im probably just mad right now because I think I tore my rotator cuff. Your packed but like 4 months seems hard to believe

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