Conditioning and Powerlifting

Conditioning and Powerlifting

Power Project: Mark Bell answers a question about sprints mixed into a Power plan. GPP and staying in shake can be crucial to lifting big in a PL meet that can take up to 10 hours and required…
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  1. Yes, if you read any of his books, Jim recommends doing GPP at all times
    when you’re not preparing for a meet. He says that it helps with
    conditioning (in terms of higher reps he sometimes uses) and to help with
    recovery. On leg days, he goes hard on GPP and on upper body days he goes a
    bit easier. Jim also recommends not destroying yourself and letting your
    body adapt before going out and doing hill sprints.

  2. EvilSecondTwin

    “GPP and staying in SHAKE can be crucial….” What kind of shake are you
    talking about, Mark? The Harlem or the Booty shake? 🙂

  3. I like doing strongman style stuff for conditioning like farmers walks.
    Also serves to build the upper back and helps my deadlifts.

  4. Jim starts hillsprinting after his “fat times” in Powerlifting, as i know.
    Cuz his goals for “today” are more likely to be flexible in sports, not
    only to be strong. So he wants to be more well rounded in anything.

  5. I know what I am gong to say the next time my wife asks me to take out the
    trash, “Sorry honey, doing deadlifts later, need to save my strength” Thats
    gonna go over fantastically.

  6. Rockmaster2112

    I believe Benedikt Magnusson incorporated box jumps and sprinting into his
    routine. But in regards to what Mark was saying I don’t know if he went
    100% in those exercises.

  7. I’m a short stubby 5’10, 240lbs. Haven’t ran since Uncle Sam made me back
    in ’06. Just made the switch to power lifting about 5 months ago and love
    it. Anyway I’m on an inter mural college league softball team for fun. They
    say they’ve never seen a guy my side run so fast… Must be from the squats
    and deads cause my hammies always feel activated.

  8. Doing 6-10 100m sprints just walking back each time really shouldnt fuck
    you up that much if you can run decently fast.

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