Coach Jay: Myrtl Routine Want to download the video to your iPod or to get a PDF detailing the enti…
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25 thoughts on “Coach Jay: Myrtl Routine”

  1. What does the “Myrtl” signify? Just out of curiosity? 🙂 I’m hoping this
    routine can help me with my aching post-partum hips. I had no issues with
    them pre-pregnancy. 

  2. Nice go-to for hip NMR and mobility. Something to consider adding in video
    instruction might be some simple cues to maintain midline stability with
    hip extension/rot. For example, the subject demonstrates excessive lumbar
    extension with “donkey kicks” and” leg swings” in the demo video, prob due
    to tight hip flexors. 

  3. Give your pelvis some love. Lateral leg swings at about mile 18 of a run
    helps keep me going just a little bit longer…

  4. These exercises fall under dynamic flexibility. To answer your question
    these are before your workout.

  5. I have done donkey kicks in the past. When my knees are sore, Why do I feel
    something twitch/move on the inside of my knee. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s a
    very akward feelin.

  6. Hi Coach Jay – I’m also looking for a downloadable video or pdf to take
    with me. The link listed doesn’t have them anymore. Do you have another
    link for this? Thank you!

  7. @midoahmed20211 Coach Jay says to do them after.

  8. So happy Myrtl is working for you Askley. Google “Lunge Matrix” for a great
    pre-workout warm-up.

  9. I have the runners I work with do this type of work every day…but not
    necessarily myrtl. Google “eight week general strength” and you’ll get a
    progression that starts with Myrlt after each run, but then moved to a more
    challenging cool-down called Grant Green after a couple of weeks. But you
    want to do General Strength and Mobility (GSM) everyday. Google “Give me 15
    min” for more info on GSM.

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