Club Hip Hop: Dejan & Janelle – Jupiter’s Fire Dance Workout

Club Hip Hop: Dejan & Janelle - Jupiter's Fire Dance Workout

Club Hip Hop: Dejan & Janelle – Jupiter’s Fire Dance Workout is a total body-toning, cardio dance routine that is designed to boost the metabolism for maximum weight loss and engage targeted muscle groups in order to sculpt long, lean legs, tight abs, toned arms, and a shapely back and buns. Join Dejan Tubic and Janelle Ginestra, two of today’s most in-demand Professional Dancers/Choreographers, as they take you step-by-step through this explosive and sexy dance routine that will increase energy and transform your body. This unique dance segment employs the entire body and will have you sweating your way to a slim waistline in no time. Look your best and craft your swagger with these fresh moves that can be done at home, or taken to the club. Dejan and Janelle’s expert instruction make this “Club Hip Hop Series” exercise fun and easy to learn at any skill level.Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 thoughts on “Club Hip Hop: Dejan & Janelle – Jupiter’s Fire Dance Workout”

  1. dancefreakk13

    did anyone else notice that they started early near the end of the video?…

  2. lauen sanchez

    im such a fan of their work and to have them teach us choreography (virtualy) is really awesome

  3. I’m following along and tripping over my feet every other move. Still, I’m having fun.

  4. xLuvandkisses101x

    This is great it took me longer to learn because it was so fast paced, but I loved it please Dejan and Janelle make more! You guys rule I love your other choreography in Dejan’s channel as well 😀

  5. i love that they are doing this i will always be on this just for them i like love their dances sooo happy right now

  6. It’s called Jupiter’s Fire and will be available for download on the BEFIT HIP HOP CLUB SOUNDTRACK very soon!!

  7. I love the dance, because there is so much energy in this dance, and it’s fast and funny. And the choreography is good because you guys use the little details in the music! GREAT – sweating at home!!

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