Clean, Part 3, How To, Olympic Weightlifting

The Team at California Strength demonstrates the third and final part of learning how to clean in Olympic Weightlifting. Jon North and Robert Blackwell demon…

24 thoughts on “Clean, Part 3, How To, Olympic Weightlifting”

  1. I like the break down and the steps are really great. However, to me, it
    looks as if when they throw the bar up to catch it, they really do throw
    it. The bar moves horizontally a little. The bar should stay in a vertical
    line. When the bar reaches it’s highest point, in that split second that
    the movement stops going up and is about to begin moving down, you should
    move under the bar and catch it.

  2. Yeah great tutorial I’ve been looking for it broken down like this. Maybe
    hope for me yet to clean over 100kg.

  3. Sifa Tulikihihifo

    Yeah, I’ve been doing it all wrong. Thanks for the simple, yet informative

  4. I showed this to my wife and she asked me why they kept calling me John.
    Seriously like my EXACT twin. Mannerisms, body, face, hair. SCARY. 

  5. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I was struggling to figure out how to
    transition smoothly to the second pull for the longest time- the weight
    transfer from the ball to the heel is exactly what I was looking for. This
    whole series is awesome and concise. Thanks guys!

  6. what kind of olympics lifts are their? i’m interested in learning all of
    them. are their only two, the clean and jerk and the snatch?

  7. hello thanks for your video it helps a lot i have question i practice
    martial arts would would be better for me the power clean or the hang clean
    ? i only used to train with snatch and clean from hang position do you
    believe that it would better for me to work with the power clean or is its
    not necessary for my sport thanks in advance

  8. Do you ever do any seminars in the northern new jersey area. I recently
    switched from powerlifting to olympic lifting, however there are no gyms in
    my area for this type of lifting. Therefore I resort to these videos. They
    have been a great help.

  9. great series. loved the clips at the start of each section too. would be
    cool to see a compilation video of the best lifts from cal strength lifters
    in training and competition.

  10. CaliforniaStrength

    essjayyell, we try to keep the content on this youtube channel as steady as
    possible, posting all the big lifts every week. if you search through the
    history on this channel, you should be able to find all the biggest lifts
    that our lifters have hit over the years, both in practice and in

  11. @CaliforniaStrength I would like to thank you for producing a very succinct
    and correct video. There are many very poor attempts yet I am still to find
    one that does it better than this trilogy.

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