Chest Workout Routine for Mass – Best Chest Exercises

Chest Workout Routine get the arm experiment for free – click on the link. Check out the Chest Workout Routine…

23 thoughts on “Chest Workout Routine for Mass – Best Chest Exercises”

  1. roachofdoom1234

    I’m having a hard time feeling it in my chest in the bench presses. How can
    I better isolate that muscle?

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  3. Is this all you do for chest days? Or is there more stuff like your Arm
    Experiment? I’m trying to find good workouts for everything and so far
    you’ve got my attention.

  4. Holy Religious debate in a workout video batman, at any rate thanks for the
    workout advice man, time to get rid of the mantits haha!

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  7. either switch to dumblell chest presses, or if you don’t have access to
    heavy enough dumbells do some preexhaustion work with DB flyes and then do
    BB Bench. If you aren’t feeling it in your chest you are probably
    emphasizing too much from your front delts and your triceps.

  8. RaulHernandez2012

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  9. Anthony Porter

    Keep it up bro, i just needa be able 2 train my pecs with out causing
    bother 2 my collarbone again

  10. Hahah where did all the comments about God/Jesus come from? In any case,
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