Chasing 500lbs- NEW DEADLIFT MAX- 465lbs

Chasing 500lbs- NEW DEADLIFT MAX- 465lbs

My New Year Resolution is to become a strong as I can! 500lbs is my goal, but the ULTIMATE GOAL is 550lbs RAW. Check out f…

(0:43)- Routine Sets & Reps (1:52)- Clean & Jerk (4:00)- Barbell Bench Press (5:57)- Pull-Up (7:10)- Bent-Over Row Check out my website for more routines & e…

50 thoughts on “Chasing 500lbs- NEW DEADLIFT MAX- 465lbs”

  1. Ryan Witherington

    You only need to use a belt if you have a weak core from always training with a belt

  2. kleinermunsterlande


    Q: Why aren’t you using a belt when doing deadlifts? Bet you’d lift more and safer for your back if you did.

  3. Why don’t you use a belt? You might get inguinal hernia or something else

  4. 2:50
    Those fuckin neck veins!
    Solid progress brah, right there with u lookin to break 500 before summer. We’re gonna make it.

  5. laharl69cirno

    maybe once or twice, why are you looking that hard? I mean you may as well ask why do women wear skirts if lascivious men will see your panties

  6. Bodies can do amazing things, like lift 450 lbs, but to do it very regularly is just silly.

  7. Its a max repetition. You criticise the form of a MAX. You obviously know shit. And for a max, it was pretty good.

  8. Dermot Kernan

    He says at the start of the video he’d already done the first 3 rounds

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  10. when you do the clean and press, try to thrust your hips forward more and shrug with ur shoulders more and let the moment of the bar bring it up

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  13. Henrik Struksnæs

    Awesome video, pushin it hard. Just wondering what’s the main purpose of this endurance training? As you say it is not building much muscle, so is the goal to get stronger, burn fat or just changing it up to not plateau?

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  15. Arifhadi Sumitro

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  16. Mark Howard-jones

    there’s a load of these sorts of videos on YouTube some of them are bound to be similar doesn’t mean it’s plagiary, so if you like travis stoetzels style of videos or routines better watch his videos, but i think Scott’s doing a damn good job, can’t really be original with lifting. I’m learning from stuff like this and scott demonstrates it all pretty well.

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  18. James Edwards

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