Catalyst Athletics Olympic Weightlifting with Commentary by Greg Everett – 1

Catalyst Athletics Olympic weightlifting training with commentary by team coach Greg Everett. Tuesday training with a lot of jerks and jerks behind the neck,…
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Olympic weightlifting training with commentary Catalyst Athletics team coach Greg Everett. Training includes jerks, 3-position snatches, snatch deadlifts, ha…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

37 thoughts on “Catalyst Athletics Olympic Weightlifting with Commentary by Greg Everett – 1”

  1. Nice new addition to the video content. Hope to see more.
    Maybe some commentary on “hooping” techniques too ;)

  2. Whats the dude in the Coca Cola shirt nutrition like? He always seems to
    stay shredded while lifting some heavy weight.. Props to you all for the
    vid, cheers!

  3. Really like the commentary. It helps to understand what is going on and
    what to focus on. Thanks +Catalyst Athletics 

  4. My initial reaction upon hearing of included commentary in the video was
    admittedly negative, but after watching the video I must say that I rather
    enjoyed it and appreciate the additional insight you offer. Thanx!

  5. Great video, as a coach I would love to hear some faults and correction
    methods you guys use, I use your programming cycles for my students at my
    gym, they are amazing, thanks for all the great content you put out

  6. I’m currently working through the Second Edition of your book, Greg, so
    having your commentary on a weekly vid will be a great extra. Thanks for
    doing this.

  7. I am thankful for the additional time you are taking to provide the
    commentary. I appreciate the commentary as it provides a little additional
    insight into your lifters and what they are working on, why, and how.
    Please keep it going.

  8. Great video and commentary. I learned a ton just watching. Keep them
    coming, thanks for spending your time on this. 

  9. Thanks a lot for the commentary. Really enjoyed hearing about individual
    lifters weaknesses and how the programming is being geared to fix them.

  10. Good format, 6-7min duration enough to be useful, video seems enhanced by
    darker backgnd in new facility. Including lifters’ specific areas of
    difficulty makes this like being in the gym, pretty cool. Thanks much.

  11. Catalyst Athletics

    @456japan 75% for 3 set of 2 reps. Post your workout question and comments
    on the workout page and you’ll get faster responses. Also read the “program
    help” page and all of that kind of stuff will be explained 

  12. Catalyst Athletics

    +iAmErline He may have been having you halting deadlifts, in which you
    would stop short of full extension.

  13. Interesting…one of my Crossfit coaches told me to never fully extend at
    the top during Snatch deadlifts (which Is the way I usually did them). I’m
    also very grateful for these videos and the books which I’ve been working
    my way through. I’ll soon be training with a GB weightlifter, it will
    likely mean going starting over to hammer out technique and bad habits but
    I’m certain it’ll be worth it.

  14. Really enjoying the videos Greg! Thank you for taking the time to add in
    the commentary! I just wish we could get a couple with commentary a week. I
    feel like I learn something every time I listen.

  15. Pardy TrainingSystems

    Greg, I want to thank you for these videos you publish. I believe the style
    of training you implement with your athletes to be the most practical and
    complete I have seen while scoping Olympic lifting based youtube channels.
    Many facets of technique are emphasized and not just the actual lifts
    themselves. Keep posting, because I know I will continue watching!!

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