Catalyst Athletics Olympic Weightlifting 9-19-13

Weightlifting training footage of Catalyst weightlifters. Brian clean, Brian back squat, Jessica block snatch high-pull + block snatch, Alyssa snatch pull, A…
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6 thoughts on “Catalyst Athletics Olympic Weightlifting 9-19-13”

  1. No. proper second pull techniques sees the lats engaged , so that the bar
    is closer to your hip. if your arms are straight it is counter intuitive to
    engaging to bringing the bar closer to your hip (try it now – hold your
    arms up with a slight bend and pull your lats back together, compare that
    with your arms straight – way more movement with arms slightly bent)

  2. 01:30 – Should not arms be straight while pulling, will not bending of the
    arms cause the initial pull to be less powerful? Seems like she’s bending
    the arms a bit early. Excellent athletic body though..

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