Catalyst Athletics Olympic Weightlifting 3-17-14

Chyna block snatch, Aimee power jerk, Brian clean, Tamara clean pull, Jes back plank, Zack snatch pull, Tate jump squat. Please subscribe to our channel! htt…
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Catalyst Athletics weightlifting team training with commentary by team coach Greg Everett. Hang snatches, snatches, jerks and more. Please subscribe to our c…
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10 thoughts on “Catalyst Athletics Olympic Weightlifting 3-17-14”

  1. Catalyst Athletics

    @steve joo For the most part, but a little follow through with the arms to
    guide the elbows out and up is good – if you put upward momentum on the bar
    with the legs/hips, you have to give it somewhere to go.

  2. It appears they all avoid full hip extension on their pulls… is that
    instructed? How come?

  3. Stephen Chalbaud

    These videos get me so amped up. Why the hell can’t I be strong? Probably
    has something to do with my inflamed vagina.

  4. During the clean and snatch pulls, the arms are completely passive
    correct? So all of the height gained after hip contact is purely momentum
    imparted by the body/hips?

  5. Greg dud these videos sometimes make me laugh out loud. “Danielle is
    pretty easy to coach, you don’t have to tell her anything but, “put these
    weights on” and “stop””

  6. Overstood. I for sure want to get on the 2015 calendar. I’ll see you in
    Chicago. Looking forward to meeting you. 

  7. Hanson Home Gym

    Hey Greg. I do love these commentaries. But when you are talking from
    behind the camera in the regular videos, I find it kind of un pleasant. Not
    hating at all, I love your content. Just thought I would express how I

  8. Damn..15 years No wonder why shes so damn good. both of them! they just
    have a confidence about themselves w/ the bar bell.

    And Coach-I looked at the gym you are going to in Chicago(my home city)
    That Box doesnt even have plat forms.Not throwing shade at all. Just want
    you and Coach Aimee to know that Madison WI needs you and IM willing to
    host.Let me know whoI need to speak with to get this done.

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