Can You Build Muscle With Low Testosterone

Can You Build Muscle With Low Testosterone

Ok so if you are not a subscriber of my mate Brian Nielson’s channel I implore you to go check his transformation video out and click subscribe! Brian’s Inte…
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25 thoughts on “Can You Build Muscle With Low Testosterone”

  1. Hello Dan, when you say low test levels what exactly was his test lvls?
    cause low is very subjetive

  2. Im almost turning 20 i had a blood check recently, because im always tired
    with a fucking low libido. They found out i have i have a tumor on my
    pitaury gland wich stops my testosterone production and other hormones. my
    test levels are under 300. I started doing calisthenics at 17 and i made
    some good gains. Fortunately they now how to treat it. As soon as my
    hormones will be fixed i will work the fuck out of myself. So if you are
    young and you have low t its important to find out whats the root of your

  3. It could also be over training, this is a prime cause for the symptoms of
    low testosterone. Those tests are bogus as well, your levels can fluctuate
    dramatically, I think they set the bar too high and they want you to get on
    trt because they get money for it!

  4. I went from 145lbs skin and bones to now 200lbs muscle. 350lb bench, 600lb
    squat, big legs, great physique and with 300 test level. Testosterone helps
    but 95% is diet and mentality. Having low T sucks but making excuses while
    you sit on the couch sucks even more. Anybody can do what they set their
    mind to. Great video and informative.

  5. As usual good advice.It’s human nature to look outside ourselves for
    reasons/distractions to avoid consistent hard work and patience.

  6. Yeah I agree like I said they focus to much on that part of the
    muscle/strength building equation and miss out on optimizing a lot of other
    variables that will help their gains a lot test can be important but this
    shows that its not the be all end all of muscle and strength gains

  7. Dan HomePhysique

    Yup way back my winter downers where ridiculous. Would feel worthless,
    upset, unmotivated… Found out about SAD and started supping D3 and past
    few years have been much better.

  8. Have you experienced “Smashing Ripped X?” (Go Google it) It is a quick and
    easy way for you to build muscle fast.

  9. If a male under the age of 21 really thinks they need higher test levels to
    build muscle they might as well quit. Because they are the definition of a
    pussy. Ive built so much muscle naturally going from 155 at age 14 to 275
    at age 18 and now 255 at 19. Obviously it’s muscle because my strength
    gains are through the roof. Sex drive is on point. I feel like my self of
    steam is built greatly as well. Kids are just so damn lazy anymore

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