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Home Workout Free Download: Here is a home workout routine you can use to help develop uppe…
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27 thoughts on “Can You Build Muscle With Hardgainer Genetics”

  1. This help me a lot I am a hardgainer I work for beachbody so I do P90X I am
    5 ft 1 and this help a lot thanks man.

  2. This is probably one the best and most accurate videos for hardgainers on
    youtube. i recently cut my training from 6 days a week to 3 and im starting
    to see results. this guy knows what he is talking about

  3. Post doing the Hindu push ups, I get severe pain in my right arm. Whilst
    all the muscle pains have gone this pain continues to remain. What could be
    the problem & how do I get rid of it? Please advice.

  4. you are a profitional . 🙂 . i need a exercises for biseps and tryseps

  5. hey i m 18 yrs old. my weight is 48 kg and height is 5 feet. can u suggest
    me home exercise. reply.

  6. ProudMKDotaPlayer

    Are this exercise dangerous for growth? … I mean can i get stocky by this

  7. dofficialchives

    I’m an ectomorph body type. I’m 5ft 11 and weigh 57kg (I’m underweight
    obviously). Is it possible to take mass gainer just from doing a home
    workout? I’m increasing portion sizes and meals but I’d like that extra
    1000 calories from a shake.

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