Can you Build Muscle With Calisthenics? -The Calisthenics Fallacy-

I’m sure you’ve wondered to yourself if you can develop an amazing physique simply off of calisthenics/bodyweight exercises. In this video, I discuss the com…

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50 thoughts on “Can you Build Muscle With Calisthenics? -The Calisthenics Fallacy-”

  1. Christian Rowbotham

    Hey guys does anyone knows how to put another dislike? Because I’m very
    happy to do it, this guy Alex don’t deserve a I tiny respect that would be
    the day when he respect fitness at its 100% and others, or maybe I should
    leave it like this to have more sympathy, I don’t see any reason for people
    who are doing all the effort and hard work on calisthenics to stop working
    out just because an ego lifter says it , well I almost got this Alex same
    physique so why should I stop? If I got an amazing physique with
    calisthenics so I don’t see the point of giving up

  2. +Alexander Leonidas It is possible for you to post a video of your supposed
    muscle ups and full planche? Sounds hard to believe you performances. (No
    hate I am doing both) Also sounds hard to believe that you got that physic
    you show in the pic within 3 years experience in calisthenics… or you are
    a hard muscle builder.

  3. Christian Rowbotham

    are you retarded? adam and fitness FAQS does calisthenics and weighted
    bodyweight training, i think you are mistaking from someone else, even adam
    does weighted pistol squats moron

  4. You are calling your self this professional calisthenics expert, and your
    saying it Dosent help you gain a lot of muscle then please explain Hannibal
    for king? He has some massive arms and massive back, I bet if you took him
    and his years of calisthenics and put it against your pussy ass he is
    wayyyyyyy stronger then you, I’ve been doing calisthenics only for about a
    year but I see a major difference, I went from 147 to 168 no supplements or
    steriods, plus if you ask girls 95% of girls like guys who are in shape and
    well fit not guys who have such large arms that they need help wiping there
    ass when taking a shit, if calisthenics didn’t help you then you sir did
    them wrong and you can go grab all your weights at the gym and shove them
    so far up your asshole that you can smell the sweat on them through your

  5. Christian Rowbotham

    Dude you aré the one doing the criticisms by doing a video say ing that
    calisthenics sucks and fitness FAQs is mastered of bodyweight training and
    gymacism and adam he does weighted bodyweight training and none of those
    guys has skinny legs Are You Kidding me? Exept for fortress he does have
    skinny legs but he has the biggest biceps ever and he is big it is clearly
    that you don’t respect fitness at All, I lift bro but I also do my
    Bodyweight training which is really enyolable I no one is gonna step away
    from it just because yo say that does not build muscle because that is
    false even the aesthetics does Bodyweight training and doing squats, pistol
    squads will get you results and big results but it may not much as lifting
    450 or whatever but it does and you should see that as the bodybuilder you
    are, I did those and I got good looking legs so don’t do criticism about
    calisthenics and I would say that both are good to do but If you wanna get
    more further ok then lift or do weighted Bodyweight training or even do
    difficult exercises, but everybody should do something and whatever you
    choose it’s fine especially that the USA suffers from obesity 

  6. Michael Robinson

    lol why is everyone hating on this? he gives good advice and opinions from
    his own personal experience

  7. I disagree with “building ONLY with weights”. Im a senior in high school
    on the track to graduate and enter the Navy with a SEAL contract. Now,
    SEALs have to be strong fast and flexible. I have done BOTH weight training
    and Calisthenics WITH AND WITHOUT ADDED WEIGHTS. But I have seen massive
    gains since i started Sophomore year in both strength and size by doing
    Calisthenics. The reason for this is NOT good genes, because i was 175
    pounds in 7th and 8th grade at 5′ 4. Now im 5’10-11″ 175lbs ITS HARD WORK
    Have done weight training alone before and could put up 210 on bench doing
    9×3 sets and squating 275 10×4 when i was lifting. THis isnt much but I
    didnt spend all my time IN the Gym either. I was still running long
    distances too, which if some of you dont know isnt the best way to keep
    size.. Yes lifting does get you BULKY and Strong ..But from firsthand
    experience of doing ALL OF body feels way better externally and
    Internally by adding in ALOT of calisthenics.

  8. KungFuChopstick

    And yes: Weights are way faster for Results, but i want to proof that its
    even possible to get big with calisthenics. And i do them purely, no added
    weight or stuff

  9. To be fair, their are guys like Daniel/FitnessFaqs who have made great
    progress with bodyweight training, specifically for his upper body. For his
    lower body however he does Barbell Squats, Romanian DLs, etc. Another
    example is Lachlan Walker who just weighs 5 pounds less than you. But i do
    agree that with weights, everyone can attain these goals a whole lot faster
    than you can with bodyweight, but its not impossible, just slower.

  10. Great video man. Lol @ all the butthurt people trying to build large
    amounts of muscle with calisthenics. Maybe its better for humanity if they
    don’t step in the weightroom and continue to build their “functional

  11. igor Milovanovic

    bro what you think about Frank Medrano? and please answer onestly, ireally
    liked your video

  12. Christian Rowbotham

    are you saying that calisthenics sucks that they are worthless that wont
    build muscle? and weight training are waaay better? i dont know about you i
    like both but i seen a lot of bodybuilders that looks jacked with only
    calisthenics, of course they may do difficult calisthenics exercises but
    you cant say that calisthenics wont give you an awsome phisique i think
    that calisthenics saved all those who dont have a gym membership but still
    calsithenics are ver important, you should see bar brothers, adam
    Raw,fitness FAQ and fortress that guy is a inspiration that guy has the
    biggest pisique by doing only bodyweight training ONLY i dont know how but
    he did, can weight training increase more muscle mass? yeah its true but
    calisthenics can also build muscle mass and its proven and about legs you
    said that you wont have muscular legs by doing calisthenics, well that is
    not true at all bar brothers can prove you that those guys has really
    muscular legs and chicken breast Tv (PRO D) he has really muscular legs so
    yes not all that you said are true ,YES YOU CAN BUILD A MUSCULAR PISIQUE BY
    DOING CALISTHENICS and i dont want to hear your negative words anymore, but
    great job on your pisique and good channel by the way but you are being a
    negative person and ungreatful ,good bless you.

  13. everybody has their own opinion , some may not have money to go to the gym
    (me) so they turn to calithenics . but you can increase workload w/o doing
    2342 reps , just add a weight on you somehow , so you dont build endurance
    , thats my goal . BESIDES you looked fine with 3 y of calisthenics 

  14. hey man thanks for the video, dont listen to what the haters say, your
    video was very helpful. I am currently just doing free weights but i want
    to lose body fat. so ive been wanting to switch to calisthenics to slim
    down. Again this video helped me out man thanks again!

  15. Bro your mad funny ive been doing calisthenics for 1 year and a half and I
    gained 20 pounds! because I started to add weightes to my bodyweight!

  16. Good video and subbed.
    Was trying to find a way to make a split routine with a weight training
    program and bodyweight.

    I’m in the military so we do mandatory basic cals at PT but its pretty much
    just to pass a PT test. I agree with this vid 100 percent.

    I need the endurance so i can make it through a special ops selection
    course, but i also need some size on me, ill lose a lot of muscle during
    selection so i need some before i go in but i also need the endurance.

    Im not new to fitness at all and i will be eating enough for growth, just
    trying to optimize results in both areas. Was thinking of doing

    Mon- Back/Bi’s/Legs weight training
    Tue-Chest/Tris/Traps/Shoulders weight training/ core work
    Wed- REST
    Thu-Pull up routine/Core work/ Running
    Fri- push ups and dip routine, swimming
    Sat-Pull up routine, core work running
    Sun-push up and dips routine. swimming

    Let me know what you think or have any suggestions thanks for the vid

  17. XtremeTkatchev

    If you take the science from it. It comes in the way you train. If you
    train movements like the front lever or planche in variations, you could
    trigger Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. The only thing determining how you’re
    body reacts and grows is how you train. For example, a pull up and a lat
    pull down. If you could do 10 reps max for a pull up and your weight was
    100 kg, and you could only do 10 reps of 100 kg for the pull down, it is
    essentially the same thing and will amuse the same hypertrophying effect.
    Don’t take calisthenics into a really broad account. You could bust your
    ass doing 100 reps of 30 reps on the bench press and you’d probably still
    look the same, but only gain endurance. This is practically the same thing
    for body weight training.

  18. Can you make a workout routine starting from the beginning all the way to
    the end of your calisthenics progress because the size you were after the 3
    years is a perfect size for me 

  19. 120lbs to 143lbs, so 23 lbs of muscle in 3 years? That sound’s realistic.
    Many newbie bodybuilders in their first year of training will gain like
    12lbs of muscle and then it will slow down considerably.

    But then you claimed you went from 143lbs to 170lbs in less than a year.
    You simply do not gain 27lbs of muscle in less than a year. So either you
    are chatting shit, or you took a lot of steroids.

  20. It’s not that you can’t get big and strong, but it takes less time if you
    lift. You still gained 20 lbs in three years. That’s actually pretty good.
    It depends on your goals. If you want to get huge as fast as possible, lift
    weights. It should be obvious.

  21. lol that food wont help genetically skinny people, but will actually make
    them skinnier lol, its too healthy and packs little amounts of calories.
    the only way that u can help genetically ectomorphs to gain wight is to
    feed them everything and i mean everything, not just proteins and complex
    crabs. they need pizza, McDonald, chocolate, peanut butter, nuttela, any
    kind of burritos, subway and so on. 

  22. which food had the most calories ?? anyone know? i just want to eat more
    calories and get fatter 

  23. I’m 24 and I can’t pass 100 pounds…tired of being skinny n being called
    skinny…I eat as I should what other tips can I use to gain weight

  24. prince rasooli

    Simply the best video, I already have almost everything he showed. It’s
    time to get put some weight 😉

  25. mspixiedust100

    Could you make a video on how you make the omelet? How often do you have it
    as opposed to cottage cheese with fruit in the morning? I know it seems
    basic but I think it would be very helpful! Thanks!

  26. Saint Josef Van Ludwig

    I just laughed when you said skinny guy cause im damn skinny like a stick

  27. look im 14 i have 158 lbs and im 5.97 feet they say im big for my age but i
    think im skinny i go to waterpolo each day every week i’ve been training
    for 2 years but i only see small improvements so i would really appreciate
    if you could tell me what to eat 🙂

  28. Weight Gain Network

    @aniket9203 – There is a specific weight gain diet you should be on…
    Google “Weight Gain Network” to find my site and see all the specific
    details about how to gain weight fast.

  29. Eating meat could help u gain muscles but i wanna know whether is pork
    good? I meant, can it help me gain muscles?

  30. Tried flaxseed oil for a while and never got used to the taste and fuck
    cottage cheese EEW.Cottage cheese is like a retarded womans breast milk.

  31. Weight Gain Network

    @bazla8 – It’s okay post-workout. But brown rice is better any time of the

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