Can you build muscle while cutting Day 21

This is very difficult for most people and does not happen overnight. Is all about trial and error keep looking for a routine and diet that works for you. If…
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25 thoughts on “Can you build muscle while cutting Day 21”

  1. keepmovingforward412

    Good tips bruddah…keep inspiring & helping cos you are living proof that
    you can keep gaining strength while making muscle gains….wow only 2 yrs
    training l…I’m on my cut while gaining a lil strength 

  2. chickenmadness1

    muscle weighs more than fat. maybe your losing fat + gaining muscle. OR you
    got more water + glycogen in your muscles which happens when you eat carbs,
    n stuff. so it looks bigger

  3. I really appreciate this video, because I am 5’8 and currently in a cut. I
    also train two hours a week, 5-6 times a week. I am currently 169lbs and
    about 19% body fat. So, I should have a physique similar to yours when I
    reach 10%bf at around 153lbs.

  4. Alex, that clean and press that u did @ 3:04 after your dumbell shoulder
    press how much weight was that? And do you think the clean and press is
    beneficial with heavier weight or something decent and manageable like 60
    to 100lbs?

  5. you gotta get your shoulders up bruh, im not tryna hate your ripped tho.
    how much you weigh ?

  6. Alex Los Angeles

    yea my shoulders are pretty strong if you keep lifting heavy you will get
    there fast. 1-5 reps is for strength so try a dropset and do a few more
    reps for muscle growth

  7. Alex Los Angeles

    thats 30lbs on each side plus the bar is 45lbs so is also 95lbs. For muscle
    growth something where you can reach at least 8-12 reps is good. I have it
    light since im drop setting so my muscles are already exhausted

  8. nopainnogain27

    Yo some of the shit u say is stupid but i can tell you are dedicated and
    you are improving everyday so i respect that.

  9. Alex Los Angeles

    hey bro hit me up with any questions once summer is over i will take
    training more serious and post more helpful videos

  10. nice videos man u r true inspiration 🙂 God bless u. can u tell me ur
    height, weight and waist?

  11. TheGuyOfYourDreams1

    Hey man, wanna come live with me? Mom cooks good food! Lol Just kidding
    bro. But anyways all jokes aside, bro you’re the man. I’ve been looking up
    videos and thank God I came across yours. A lot of the videos here are guys
    who are already huge and are giving advice to guys who have been going to
    the gym all their lives. Not that their advice isn’t any good, but it’s
    nice to see someone you can relate to. Keep those vids coming, I’m starting
    a weight gain program and your advice will be helpful!

  12. when you do cardio that routine during cutting do you also do cardio when
    you went to the gym for building muscle?and you gained a new sub you seem
    to know your stuff 😀

  13. ey bro can you do neck workouts? I ask because i have over 2 months
    training and my head and neck is looking pretty damn small for my growing
    body. please give me advice on things that i can do.

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