Can You Build MUSCLE MASS with CALISTHENICS? (Bodyweight Training)

Can You Build MUSCLE MASS with CALISTHENICS? (Bodyweight Training)

Simon Lendore from strengthOVERsize is PROOF that you can build muscle mass with Calisthenics! Instagram/Twitter: @SimonTLendore.

Healthy MUSCLE BUILDING Eating on a Tight Budget @hodgetwins

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26 thoughts on “Can You Build MUSCLE MASS with CALISTHENICS? (Bodyweight Training)”

  1. I eat 100$ worth of food a month. The only supplement I use is protein and
    when I bulk a mass gainer but you don’t need all the other crap companies
    sell. And buy in bulk and coupon as much as you can. And another tip only
    eat out once I month to save money. 

  2. @ChezJazza Ok you do as you see fit and I will do as my conscience tells me
    to do. I enjoy a nice clean respiratory system, get my calcium from green
    veggies and have a super low cholesterol level 🙂 I guess we will have to
    agree to disagree. I wont even start in on the evils of casein and how bad
    it is for the body.

  3. I want to post their vds and also pass along to a lot of other people
    because the information is great but the cursing is a bit much.

  4. damn i need to do this man… been letting myself go lately and i notice
    how much its fucking me up

  5. @tbayguy . your so hung up on trying to be healthy and trying to live
    longer that life must be shit. your never going to get muscle eating the
    way you do. just be happy. live everyday like its your last, follow
    something like that. if u were going to die tomorrow i doubt you would care
    about eating perfect

  6. @tbayguy ahh dude your not going to get anywhere…. Milk is fine haha. you
    need calcium for your bones atleast, so drink it for that man. Its more
    unhealthy not drinking it than drinking it. Get low fat or something.
    Peoples bodies are made for meat man. Consider it. Listen to the
    twinmuscleworkout video on their encounter with a vegetarian. it will
    convince you haha

  7. Sardines Porridge Brown Rice Whole wheat bread Kidney beans Tuna Almond
    Butter Frozen veg. All bought in bulk. No excuse.

  8. @ArronAdams1990 unfortunately chickens contain so much growth hormone and
    anti-biotics. Also the fat and calaroies in chicken have gone up 20 fold in
    the past 30 years making chicken into a not very lean meat anymore despite
    what the poultry lobbiests say with all their big money.

  9. hi guys, once more =P tell me something, easting white rice while in a diet
    is it you know legit? or should i try to skip it has much has possible?:o
    Keep your work guys!

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