Can You Build Muscle & Lose Fat at Once?

Can You Build Muscle & Lose Fat at Once? – John Brooks tackles this common question. Can you really gain muscle and lose weight at the same time?
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37 thoughts on “Can You Build Muscle & Lose Fat at Once?”

  1. hi guys i found the video really informative, i am at 11.5% BF, weigh 175
    pounds , i used to be 225 pounds with 32% BF, i hit the gym hard and dieted
    down to about 150 pounds at 14% BF before i reached my current level. i
    have a real difficulty losing more fat , with out causing large amount of
    muscle loss in my upper body, if i do try a bulking diet , i find i gain a
    good amount of fat on my lower body along with good muscle growth in my
    upper body. now am stuck cause i dont know how to progress after this.
    i train 6 days a week with weights about 90 mins a day with an intake of
    2500 cals
    and Macros Protein:carbs:fat at 40:40:20

    i have 2 questions
    1. i have no idea how to progress anymore, i diet down i lose muscle i diet
    up i gain fat , i didn’t face any such problems till now
    2. do u guys have anything to tighten up puffy nipples , that is one
    trouble spot , along with lotta loose skin on my lower ab .
    Any suggestions are greatly welcome.
    Thanks in advance
    have a good day.

  2. What is the protein to carb to fat ratio for gaining muscle and not fat ??
    Because to build muscle you have to be in a cal surplus wich can make you
    fat right ?? So protein Is about 1gram per lbs bodyweight, but what about
    carbs and fats ?? For minimum fat gainzzz and maximum mucle gainzzz

  3. Ok so i have abs showing a little and i want to do ab exercises and stuff
    now to make them show more like i want that ripped look. But i dont wanna
    lose any weight is there anyway to get more definition in my abs without
    losing weight? If you could please respond that would be great thankyou + 

  4. btw maybe Lyle Mcdonalds ultimate diet 2.0 may have a solution to building
    muscle and losing fat at the same time, IMHO its worth a read atleast

  5. Thank you!!!! For the situation I find myself in. This has been hands down
    the most helpful video


    @Tiffany Ma (cont’d 1) tend to hold weight on a big deficit (likely water
    in your case will drop off). So if you did it could look like Mon-Fri
    deficit, Sat refeed, and Sunday at maintenance. Your heavy lifiting days
    would fall on Sat and/or Sun when energy is ample. Adding the day at
    maintenance (~2,000 cal) will help maintain leptin sensitivity,
    minimize/eliminate muscle loss, and keep your RMR from slowing as much. I
    would also up your fat a tad on deficit days…

  7. Rev0lutionIsMyName

    Some quick thumbrules that kind of go with this video: 10 calories and 1
    gram of protein for each pound of goal bodyweight. It should be enough of a
    caloric deficit to lose weight while simultaneously having enough protein
    to build muscle.

  8. Do i need to eat the same amount of food on off days? Or should i cut out
    carbs completely(except fruits/ fresh fruit juices)?

  9. Marvin Ramirez

    Hi guys, as always, great video. details, stats and advice. A+! this is
    what bestpricenutrition is know for. thank you!


    That depends on your goals and the kind of deficit you are running. How
    many days are you off a week? Are having refeed days?


    Do you mean no caloric intake after? If so it would depend upon how much
    you took in leading up to your training, also you would likely eat more
    calories the following morning. Independent of when you take in your
    calories it would come down to the total taken in (macro ratio matters)
    relative to your activity level. I would plan your meals in terms of timing
    based on convenience and performance. Hope this helps.

  12. My goal is from 156lbs to about 170lbs (muscle hopefully) but because of
    the bulk i got from 15% bf to 18.5% i workout 3 days and take 1 day off and
    my days are very sedentary usually. I tend to hit the same amount of
    calories everyday but sometimes i tend to eat a little bit extra maybe by
    200-300 cals.

  13. Harris Munshi

    Hey John, i’ve been working out from quite a while now, i started working
    out about 3 tears ago and because i was very skinny, i worked out for about
    a year i put on weight but then i just stopped working out for a year and
    got fat. I again started working out and lost the belly and got lean. I’ve
    been in the best shape of my life, but i want to put on some muscle now.
    What do you suggest? Go on a surplus or just maintenance? I super lean that
    i can see my abs. So what would you recommend?


    Glad you found it helpful, thank you for the kind words and support it is
    greatly appreciated.


    No that’s not something to base your diet on as you are never really all
    anabolic or catabolic, its more of a sliding scale where both are occurring
    throughout your body. It is likely a guru just making stuff up. Hope this


    Ha you can have some flexibility in your diet if you opt to track your
    calories on something like MyFitnessPal, especially if you want to get into
    the single digits as your margin for error is far less once you get leaner.
    If you decide to and have questions let me know.


    Yes agreed that would yield ~30-35% caloric deficit for most active
    individuals (of course it will vary a bit based on activity level). Also w/
    such a deficit I would recommend at least one day at a surplus and in some
    instances an additional day at maintenance to minimize or eliminate muscle
    loss, maintain leptin sensitivity, and keep resting metabolic rate up.
    Thank you for sharing.

  18. ezequiel godinez

    Hello john my is Ezequiel Im 300lbs. I’ve been going to the gym for a week.
    I’m very decided to lose weight If you can I would like some tips advice
    ,supplement that could help me , thank you

  19. Jeffery Yoder

    19 – 30, gained muscle even when staying out all night partying, 30 — 36,
    Wow, this is taking a lot longer to get back… 40 + injury, low
    testosterone and NO motivation to include lousy muscle pumps! Been on HRT
    for 10 years and I’m 51, curling 60 lbs dumb bells x 6, using over head
    tricep extensions of 120 lbs and 225 x 20 on the Bench and 900 lbs + for 10
    deep leg presses! Without HRT, I would be a 250 pound couch potato who
    would cringe when I even drove passed a Gym!

  20. Scientific proof show that you can improve your muscles building process
    2x-3x more quickly; by simply modify your nutrition plan. Because time you
    spend on the gym is just 3% of all your time.

  21. Nice video..I haven’t lifted seriously in many years. Time and job kept me
    away. Retired now and have been using the gym again last few years for
    cardio and light lifting to keep weight down & stay active. But I really
    have been wondering how far I could go again at 56 🙂 Thanks for your

  22. MASSnificentTraining

    Check my channel out and help me so I can help you. Ask questions and
    comment. I’ll do the same for you.

  23. Do you have any clients that have heart disease? I really miss doing lots
    of strength training and I find since my heart attack they really push the
    cardio and frown on the strength training. I lost so much weight but much
    of it was muscle. Kind of depressing.

  24. One more thing you might be able to answer: I lifted from 20 yr old to 35.
    I made significant gains, but could have gained so much more if I didn’t
    overtrain (no drugs). I started back up again at almost 53 yrs old. I still
    kept a lot of my physique, and I’ve noticed some gains since starting 3
    months ago. I eat a very healthy 3000 cal diet while shooting for 180 grams
    of protien a day. I,ve gained about a lb of muscle. Sets per body part, and
    how many times per week? (for natural) Thanx

  25. Mark Im 54 and this is the best to the point not trying to sell something
    video Thank You Thank You.

  26. He’s talking sense, had my best gains ever using Stuart McRoberts (hard
    gainer) advise – 2 sets 5 reps on each exercise – friends accused me taking
    steroids…. now over 50 after10 years off and back to the low reps and
    guess what, its working…..8-12 reps;; no may get toned but
    you wont get big

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