Can you Build Muscle at Home???

Can you Build Muscle at Home???

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  1. i guess i have what u call a “golds gym” in my fuckin garage then lol. an
    adjustable squat/bench press rack with spotter catches, 145kg olympic
    weight set, an adjustable bench for decline incline and flat 2x adjustable
    dumbbell bars with 60kg plates. thats all i need. no reason to go to a gym
    pay a monthly fee, listen to shit music and use the same dirty asses
    equipment as everybody else.

  2. As long as u have a decent home gym u know heavy dumbells and such un
    should be set. It’s all about getting creative and making the best out of
    what u got. Charlie bronson(prisoner) is a great example

  3. You can tell of their accent that you shouldn’t trust their saying, just

  4. I agree/disagree. I’ve build mass off pushups/dips/Pullups/other bodyweight
    exercises through just adding resistance. Yes I give most credit to my
    heavy weightlifting but if I went more for mass than strength I could do
    just bodyweight and gain mass. I’ve gained mass off high rep training (50-5
    rep range in sets doing 50,40,30,20,10,5,10,20,30,40,50 w/ :45 rest) yes u
    start light but when u add weight. Heavy weight regardless of the rep
    scheme will cause a lot of stimulation.225 5×20 for example

  5. Most you guys did not listen. They said you can build muscle, but it will
    only get you so far unless you have heavy free weight equipment basically.
    So unless you wanting to become a big and not just ripped dont worry about
    it stay the fuck home. Now if you are wanting to gain more mass get your
    ass to the gym and lift, or go get your some damn free
    weights……………….Ty twins great video.

  6. William Gofukkyourself

    I personally experienced quite the contrary: weight is fucking weight. Do
    heavier pushups if gets too easy.

  7. superstition435

    Yeah.. I hear yah man!
    That is a great course and I use it too
    and it works. I got that info from a friend
    of mine who is so health conscious and
    very dedicated to build muscles. But
    anyway, you got the name of the site
    mispelled. It should be:
    *wwwMusclesMaximizerinfo* *put periods*

  8. I have spend almost 2000$ for home gym an have about 700pounds of weights
    maybe 30dumbels lot of bars and making good gains

  9. I would say be careful when you ‘rack’ the barbell from a set of squats. If
    your bench is in the yard, then you can probably access the back of the
    bench. Home squat racks are similar but higher, so you technically need to
    keep your form and do a half squat when you rack it else you could hurt
    your back or neck if you bend down.. Lolz they do can’t their mindzz these
    guys but in fairness, in another video ‘cant afford gym membership and
    suppliments’ they said buy 2nd hand weights for home use!

  10. Pantalon Toader

    If you have been trying to build muscle, you should do a Google search
    “Ripped Max Stagger”. That can help you get the body you deserve.

  11. You probably didn’t even watch the video, they said many times, that by “at
    home” they mean without extra equipment so pushups, pullups etc.

  12. We’ll you could do gymnastics exercises at home, are you guys trying to say
    you can’t build muscle doing that kind off shit? We’ll you can, if you go
    to Scooby’s webpage an look in the sucess stories folder, you’ll find that
    it’s quite possible to gain muscle at home, with a set of dumbells and a

  13. Man I was getting discouraged watching this shit, then I read the comments
    and I’m like ,fuck, the hodgetwins lmao. 1st video that I disliked as well.

  14. bkobegot CLOWNED

    These two dumbasses are just mad they blew all that money at the gym all
    those years and found out you can do it all at home HAHAHHAHAHA!!!!

  15. Salvador Herrera

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  17. Swolbraham Lincoln

    I can create these two a home workout program, with just 16 lb dumbells,
    and they will have the hardest workout routine they’ve ever had.

  18. bkobegot CLOWNED

    BS! I did P90X for two rounds and got great results. I had some muscle
    previously but that was also from lifting at home. All you need is
    bodyweight to be in great shape. You two stupid gym monkeys are actually
    small for going to a gym. Also huge muscles does not do you any good except
    make you gas out. I prefer UFC fighter shape. But even they have plenty of
    muscle and endurance. Weight is weight and does not matter where it is at
    you two dumb monkeys.

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